My Job.

in introducemyself •  3 years ago  (edited)

I work, The Courier-inkasator. I drive a hard bags, and not dipped. To begin with, it is very scary to work in such conditions, I drive every day. for they can easily kill even for 200 UAH - 7,82 $. I have already begun paranoia. All the people around are beginning to seem suspicious, feeling that everyone wants to kill me. I always turn around and every day I am afraid that I can not return home that I will not see my fiancee and parents.
Bride says that I talk in my sleep, work. Once I awakened her at night and said, with his eyes closed, "where to put the bags? Where do you take it?". She did not understand anything, and I was shocked that already going crazy with this work. Sometimes, feeling every day, at one of the stores that two guys from another store watching me, and that sooner or later, they can do that to me. I constantly struggle with this idea, but this work does not be on the alert.
Sorry for my bad english.

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