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in introducemyself •  3 years ago  (edited)

Some of you asked is my account true, are works published here are really mine.

To identificate myself i took a photo with one of my works.

I hope, you'll believe me now)

And this is my Behance portfolio

my facebook account

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oh cool:)
are you from russia? :)


Nice to put a face to your name @destroyed. I never doubted you. Great work :D


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And what does it mean for me?

@screenname will add your post to the round-up of other undervalued posts and that means you get more exposure and possibly more followers :)

Good Luck :)

Well said. :)

Nice to meet you :))

By the way, its cool to have you on board. ;) And yup, I know that you are you.

мне можно по-русски писать)

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Welcome to Steemit 😎 , you'll definitely want to follow me for Helpful Steemit Tips and Tricks

Hello Darya, welcome to Steemit! :-)