I'm back on Steemit - Introduction of my creative blog and what i am planning to do

Hi Steemians and Followers,

I am back!


6 months ago I posted the last article. Actually, the break should only be a few weeks, but unfortunately, it became months.

I moved into another apartment and I had to renovate a lot in my new and old apartment. A longer illness followed.
But now I'm back with new ideas and posts. For the people who do not know me yet, I introduce myself first.

I am a student of psychology and a passionate seamstress. I love knitting, crocheting, embroidering and fashion design.

During my childhood and adolescence I have embroidered a lot, mainly big cross-stitch pictures. I started with embroidery when I was 5 years old. At some point, my walls were full of pictures and I thought about how I can use my love for handicraft differently. I thought clothes would be a great alternative. Then I learned to knit and crochet.

I started sewing, because I like individual, unusual clothes and the clothes in the shops do not meet my taste. Because of overweight most of the clothes did not suit well. Therefore, I taught myself patternmaking and fashion design.

Needlework has a long tradition in my family. My great-grandmother already was a professional embroiderer. Today this profession is extremly rare, as most embroidery is made by machines in our modern times. The passion for Crafts was carried on by my grandmother and mother, and of course myself. With the help of my mother and grandmother, books, classes, self-study and much practice, I learned many handicraft techniques that I have been exercising for decades with much passion.

In terms of crafts and art I see myself as an eternal student, as I like to learn new techniques and improve my skills again and again.

I would like to share my passion on my Steemit blog. I would be very happy if you join me and follow my blog.
Not only creative hobbies are my topics. I will also write about psychology and my life as a student. In addition, I will talk about my urban gardening project.

You can look forward to the following topics:

Pattern Making
Fashion Design
Historical clothing, especially medieval and LARP
Pics on Steepshot for Inspiration
Wool and yarns
Tips and tricks and inspirations
Patterns for different handicraft techniques (also historical)
Arts and crafts from around the world
Travel reports and shopping tips especially for handicrafts and art
Painting and drawing
Urban Gardening
And much more!

I wish you a lot of fun reading :)


I'm excited to follow your blog! And thanks for sharing more about yourself; I didn't know about a lot of your interests. I really want to learn to sew. I love knitting but there are some types of clothing that just aren't fit for knitting. I really look forward to any how-tos in that area (though I'd need total beginner-level ones).

Also, your English is great!

I am really happy to see you :) Thanks for your compliments. I will try to write the sewing instructions as easy as possible.

Looking forward to your blogs! Thanks!

Thank you!

Welcome to this platform :)

Thank you!

sound like a jam packed schedule and looking forward to your blogs

Everything step by step ;) Thanks for your comment!

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