Hi guys, my name is Colin Porter and I'm new here !

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As it says on the tin, I'm Colin Porter and I'm new here so please be gentle.

I was forced kicking and screaming to Steemit by my good friend Meredith @merej99. She's been on at me for about two months to check this place out.

Colin Porter - Infinite Options
Me and my beautiful daughter

Some of my interests include:
Music. I love listening to music, mainly from the 60s. I enjoy singing and I often mess around on my keyboard trying to get a tune from it. I also love rehashing music on the computer, making my own extended versions of tunes.

I enjoy watching films, anything from thrillers to chick flicks.

I became interested in the spiritual side of life about 12 years ago, which led to a keen interest in mindset and our connection to spirit. I worked as a medium on the spiritualist church circuit for about a year and then from there I became more fixated with why it worked.I new it worked but needed to know HOW !

I went on to become certified as an NLP practitioner , which brings me to where I am now, self-employed helping people.

This is an ad lib video that was the first attempt in my food for thought series of motivational pieces.

What I want to bring to Steemit

I don't know. I'm an open book and willing to learn, but I also want to give back, I love to teach.
I want to maximise the ability I have to help people classify and clarify the things that may be holding them back from a better future.
What I hope to get from Steemit is to find a community of open-minded individuals to connect with.

Thank you for reading.

For verification purposes:
I can be found on Twitter or visit my website

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Hi @tommycordero , thank you so much for the welcome, I always say courtessy costs nothing but it goes a long way. So thanks again my friend


Hi @bontonstory thank you for taking the time out to welcome me, It is genuinely appreciated. Thanks again .

@colin-porter - you salty dog! It's about DAMN TIME I saw you here! I cannot wait to shout you out and give you a proper introduction.


Meredith, I cannot thank you enough. Your help and expertise is and has been a godsend. You are a true friend. Thank you for being you.


I've got you now my pretty!


You most serpently have Mere :-)


Oh my gosh, why are you still awake? Get thee to bed!

Glad to have you here!


Thank you for your kind words, Im glad to be here and look forward to interacting with everyone , whether that be through creativity, music or just plain old fashioned chit-chat.