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Hello everyone,

My name is Ted "Rock" Holloway and I am the proud owner two Sports Performance Gyms where I help everyday people get fit and athletes get bigger, faster and stronger. I have written a few books and fitness courses. I really enjoy helping people change their lives both through fitness and spreading the word about bitcoin and crypto currency investing and some trading. My website is

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Hi @coachroc, welcome and join for steemit, regards ...
Hopefully you are happy with this steemit
, you can also share your experience here, I will wait for your next posting and regards to know and respect from me @muchtarudin.
happy to know you here, greeting also to all steemit friend's


Happy New Year and thank you

Thanks for the follow big guy, you should post some workout routines and fitness advice regularly people the people will love it!

Welcome @coachroc!!! Best regards @promoteme.

Welcome to Steemit and happy new year!


Thank you and happy new year

Welcome Sir! you have such a great manly personality

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Thank you and happy new year

Happy 2018 From #Australia @CoachRoc! Welcome and enjoy one of the best blogospheres on the net! Looking forward to hearing them tips fot the Gainz!

Subscribe & I Will reciprocate.


Welcome! I just joined my self. I will follow you. Always looking for some good work out tips.