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Hi steemit friends. My name is aulia. Who is Aulia? Surely it doesn't matter ?!. I'm not important, but hopefully the blog I post can entertain visitors and can be needed by some parties. This first post is that I want to introduce myself and what will fill in my post later. My full name is Aulia Abdul Rauf, an Indonesian citizen who is still young, around the age of 24 years, wkwkwk (wow, pretentious). I have been unemployed for several months, and everyday I just play games and go here and there. I just wasted time without producing anything. By being on Steemit I wanted to spend my time and learn to blog even though I was a beginner. Maybe with me in Steemit I can add insights and new ideas that can open my mind to be developed.
Why does it have to be steemit? Why not create your own website? Why don't you blah blah blah ?! The reason I am at Steemit is, during Covid 19, my income so far that can continue my life is crypto (lucky I have crypto. If not… finished) and I also like to do new things. My relatives have often advised me to write a blog. Instead of spending my time traveling around it is not clear.
Thank you to the one and only God who has given me health, and to my parents who are willing to raise me to raise me up to this point, if I was not brought up properly I certainly could not start blogging and working well.
Thank you steemit friends and see you in my next post. Bye bye….


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