I'm no soothsayer but I see the future, steemit!- @kodeblacc introduced me.

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My name is Ideh Daniel, I was introduced to steemit by a friend @kodeblacc and was guided by @sylvesterroy. I see steemit as a place to become a better person, maximize my life's enjoyment, have fun to its fullness, learn new things, meet new and exciting people. I will be posting about human anatomy, music, photography, life, sports, well - being and happiness.

*23 years old
*Speak English

Music: playing piano and singing (classicals and blues).

Sports: Swimming, football, play stations (fifa), tennis and high jump.

Photography : Street photography and nature photography.

Movies : Game of thrones, Agent of shield, Shannara chronicles and Emerald City.

*Human anatomy text books
*The Bible

  • Heaven is so real (Choo Thomas)
    *Books on Handel's compositions (messiah, semele, ets).

*Da Vinci Demons.
*Genius (Albert Eienstin).
*Gray's Anatomy.

I am a graduate of Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria where I studied Human anatomy & cell biology. I currently live at 10a maiduguri crescent, sector F, Delta steel company estate, Delta State, Nigeria. I am a lover of music, in fact I love music so much that I spend at least 2 hours everyday practicing music. I am also into photography (street photography and nature photography). I dislike dishonest, selfish and proud people. I also dislike cheats and oppressors and in fact I stand against them especially for the weak.
I joined the fast growing steemit community because it's the future and I want to be part of the future. Like my friend @sylvesterroy would say, "I wasn't born with a silver spoon but I won't die without having one", and I see steemit as a ticket to owning a silver spoon.
I took my time to study this community and I have been motivated by the posts from people like @adsactly, @surpassinggoogle and @purepinay, and I hope to join them motivate others. I also want to thank @thejohalfiles for his philanthropic contributions to the community. I really want to learn and continue in the good examples you are setting. But as a newbie, I would need lots of assistance, supports and encouragement to be able to do so. I trust people in this community are people with good hearts, so I can feel at home knowing you got my back. Thank you so much.

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Welcome to the community were it is all about u......


Thanks sir

Welcome to the community buddy.


Thank you so much.

We welcome you to this special community sir


Thank you sir

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Welcome on board.


Thank you sir. Really excited about steemit

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I'm a lady. My name is Adejoke


Oh! So sorry. I didnt notice. Thanks once again my lady

Welcome to the family


Thanks. I appreciate the warm welcome

welcome to the club, lorddanzi


Thanks a lot