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Welcome to TRUTH HURTS!
TRUTH, I think, is a very rare and undervalued commodity right now, in almost every corner of modern life--and yet it is SO vitally important for the growth and sustainability of our species. Like the name of my channel suggests--sometimes TRUTH HURTS! However, as responsible, mature human beings, (no matter our age) we owe it to ourselves and future generations to build life's foundation with what is honest, right and true. Basic reality, as a whole demands this.
Oops! I'm getting ahead of myself.....First, let me introduce myself:
My name is Miranda and I am a 40-something yr old, stay at home mom of 3 wonderful men-in-the-making, a wife of 23 years and a proud Canadian with a Nursing background who LOVES to write, as a hobby.
I enjoy investigating and writing about anything that has to do with our collective human lives. I like to dig deep, ask a lot of questions and talk about the "hearty" issues of living life on planet earth. Just like any writer, I draw from my own crazy experiences through the valleys and mountaintops of this adventure called life, as I search for the truth--wherever it may lie. I am just one person trying to figure things out along the way--the best I can, anyways.
I haven't shared my writing publicly, until now; I have just shared it locally and within my inner-circle. However, with the world changing so quickly, in some positive and some very negative ways, there are many conversations that are necessary to have now, more than ever!
We need to think things all the way through and talk them out. So, the types of topics you will find here at TRUTH HURTS are:
- Politics
- Parenting (modern and historical)
- Religion and Spirituality
- History (known and hidden)
- Human Psychology
- Philosophy
- Current Events
- Science and Technology
- Cryptocurrencies (I'm a "newbie" and it's taken over my life :)
- And more.......(even controversial topics such as: Abortion, Intelligent Design vs Evolution, Free Speech, Racism, Aliens, Secret Societies, Antartica etc.)
So, I've decided to get out there and follow people I admire, like: Dr. Jordan Peterson, Stefan Molyneaux, Gaad Saad, Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, High Impact Flix, X22 Report, and other "truth-searchers." that I can try to help, by talking and writing publicly about these issues. I'm tired of being part of "the silent majority." It's time to branch out into the public. It's time to take a stand and put myself, my opinions and my ideas out there--to start a public conversation. I do love to talk, especially about the important things.....Throw in some controversial ones and I can get quite passionate!
I hope to bring to Steemit some honest, intriguing and intelligent articles/essays, to stimulate open-minded, public conversation. Only then, when we are willing to talk and listen, can we properly evaluate ourselves, others and our problems, to try and come up with some solutions--together.
Steemit is set up to be the perfect place to do exactly that! I look forward to many stimulating chats with my fellow steemians.
Take care, Miranda

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You are definitely really cool. Look forward to tuning into some of your shares.

Recently I've been looking more closely at the creation of the internet and how blockchain/cryptocurrency is a compliment and fine tuning to the initial setup of the internet. You might find that stuff interesting.

big reason why cryptocurrencies are so disruptive to existing/traditional business models is at the protocol layer....versus the application layer. It's reversed here....where the token/coin is a protocol governance model.....where the traditional internet (what we've had up to now) placed all the value in the applications....while ironically the protocol supports the apps and is the real foundation and underlying driver of any and all valuation for the application layer. maybe I am getting to techy for a comment - I've loosely opened up the point in recent posts and included some links for further reading.

Best regards!


Thank you......I agree with you about blockchain technology etc changing the way we do life. What a great time to be alive!!