Thanks to Gaad Saad, The Outer Light, High Impact Flix and X22 Report -- I ended up HERE on STEEMIT!!

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'The TRUTH is like a lion. You don't have to defend it.
Let it loose. It will defend itself.' St Augustine

Welcome to "TRUTH HURTS," where I write about all things human. Feel free to check out my intro-post, to see who I am and what you'll find here.

I thought I would start with telling the story of how and why I ended up making a home here on Steemit: It has been a bit of a slow process, but about a year and a half ago+, when the 2016 election campaigns were in full swing, I said to my husband: "In my opinion, no matter who wins the U.S presidency,it seems like there are certain 'powers that be' or a 'hidden hand' that is manufacturing a climate of division, in every area of American life--and it's on both sides of the aisle. Could we be witnessing the start of the fall of America, from its consistent #1 position? It looks like theses fomented civil wars, class wars and race wars could just be the beginning..."

Then when Trump surprised everybody and was actually elected president, I said to my husband: " Americans seem to be so desperate for 'real change,' that they think they are getting something different than any other election....and they could find themselves moving faster towards a New World Order styled,( Global type government) World War 3 and other armed conflicts, and towards an over-all 'Orwellian State'-- much faster under President Trump than under President Clinton." (And, depending on who you ask, this is quickly coming true...)

Then, when I saw all of the attacks of confidence, pelting the agencies of Law Enforcement and Government, I said to my husband: "This is going to undermine and completely shake the American people's confidence in their longstanding, foundational, governmental institutions, like the FBI, the CIA and others. Will they be able to withstand this slow revealing of corruption, taking place in the glorified halls of power?"

Then when the term 'Fake News' was first introduced, and I saw an unnatural pushing of the term, like a drug-dealer pushing his lies on kids, it was blasted from every mainstream microphone in the West, I said to my husband: "This could be the END of free speech, as we've known it. It seems like there is a hidden force/hidden hand using the 'Hegelian Dialectic' to remove our freedom of speech. (Hegelian Dialectic=Problem--Reaction--Solution...better definition can be found online). It would go something like this: THE PUBLIC: "Oh no!! We now, suddenly have this HUGE problem called 'FAKE NEWS!'" -- THE AUTHORITIES: "Do not fear! Google, Facebook and Youtubes super algorithmns are here to save the day! And we will decide what is true, factual and correct; and anything and everything else will be, well, effectively burned from existence, just like a banned book, during the 'book burning' times....." Just ask content creators on Youtube how well this is working out for them.

I had said all of this over a year ago and as you can see, everything that I said to my husband has come true or is in the process of coming true. And unfortunately, I am watching these very same things happen to my own country of Canada, too. In some ways we're following the U.S.A to a '1984/Brave New World' styled society and in other ways we seem to be proudly leading the way. I mean, Gender-less BIRTH Certificates? The adding of 50++ NEW gender pronouns, CODIFIED into our Canadian Hate Speech Laws? A Canadian Police Dept. experimenting with 'Pre-Crime Artificial Intelligence (A.I)Software, to stop crime BEFORE it happens? And these are just the tip of the iceberg of things that are slowly ending free, Western life and democracy, that we've all cherished and grown up with. At least from what I could tell. I wondered what was happening to our Western world and does anybody else see it this way?

Then one day I was watching a YouTube video by Dave Rubin, who was interviewing Gaad Saad. They were discussing these sorts of issues and he said something that WOKE ME UP! He said, and I am paraphrasing; that there are lots and lots of smart people, who see all of these problems. Unfortunately, there just aren't that many of them that are also willing to get out there, Stand Up and Speak Out, about these controversial issues. Then we end up NOT having the very conversations needed to come up with answers to the problems. The conversation never takes place. Everyone keeps their heads in the sand, going about their everyday life. (Gaad has coined a term for this behaviour of avoidance: 'Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome'). And that's when it hit me -- I am done being part of the 'silent majority'! I am done keeping my writing private or just for those in my local circle. It's fine that I talk to my husband about these things, but it's time to branch out publicly. Like I said in my Introduction Post -- It's time to take a stand and put myself, my opinions and my ideas out there to start a public conversation. I do love to talk (&write), especially about life;s most important subjects. Throw in some controversial issues and I can get quite passionate.

We NEED to talk with and and listen to opposing viewpoints to challenge our own, in order to discover truth -- no matter how uncomfortable. Step out of our echo-chambers. This is important. When Free Speech is either denied or discouraged and/or if people refuse to engage in dialogue with one another, then the only choice left is resorting to violence.

So, I've decided to follow people I admire like: Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro, Dr. Jordan Peterson, Gaad Saad, Stefan Molyneaux, High Impact Flix, X22Report, We Are Change, and many others, talking and writing publicly. My desire is to bring some positive effects to the events of life all around me, by stimulating honest, intelligent and objective CONVERSATION. When we honestly talk things out, we are better able to evaluate ourselves, ideas and others properly, and then implement the necessary strategies needed for life's solutions.

And Steemit, and the way that it is set up, is the perfect place for getting the conversations going. I am looking forward to learning my way around, seeing all that it has to offer and interacting with all of you. I am going to start off slow and put at least one article out a week, so be sure to check back in a while, and may be I'll see you around!
Thanks for reading,

P.S I have recently fallen in love with everything to do with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, so I will be posting various articles to do with that topic, as well. What an exciting time to be alive!

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