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Hello Steemians

My name is Stella Ahmadou. I joined Steemit early this year. I was born in the UK, brought up in Nigeria and came back to live in the UK many years ago. The experience of both culture has given me a unique perspective that I am happy to share. I own a blog site - http://stellaahmadou.com/. My aim is to encourage people positively and also learn along the way as life without learning life is basically dead!

The idea of just hanging out with a community of like minded people and cutting straight to good quality content was what I loved most about Steemit. I know I have a long way to go here but happy to take the journey.

I am quite eclectic in my interests and that sometimes makes things a bit crazy for me so am learning to hone in on the most important ones. I believe all things are connected and this is the genius of creativity. I love the idea of writing but cleaning/editing could also be a frustratingly maddening task!

I have always loved food and on Netflix binged on food adventurers like Anthony Bourdain, or the genius of the Chefs in Chef Table . I think my fascination stems from nostalgia. I used to spend hours wandering the markets in Nigeria. I was enthralled by the energy of the haggling sellers and buyers, the vibrancy and smell of the produce. I would visit the evening fish markets near where I lived and stare at the glistening scales of fishes freshly caught by fishermen or the evil pincers of fresh crabs trying to escape from their baskets. No supermarket can beat this.
markets food.jpeg

I also write crime fiction and am currently working on one titled Deadly Sacrifice that was shortlisted for SI Leeds Prize in the UK http://www.sileedsliteraryprize.com/previous-years/meet-2016-shortlisted-writers/

I have written health & wellbeing articles on my blog and on Thrive Global- https://www.thriveglobal.com/drafts

I also got into blockchain and cryptocurrency last year and promptly decided to learn as much as possible and am now writing a newbie book on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Some articles based on this will also be released on this platform.

I am on;

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/stella-ahmadou-065788140/

Twitter - https://twitter.com/StellaAhmadou

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