How I Lost My Earnings Using Bot Tracker

in #introduce6 years ago

First if your content is copy paste due to my ignorance this is the easiest way to destruction of your wealth..
It is true here is steemit that “Ignorance of the Law Excuses no One”..
There is no warning whatsoever if you send them your token..they will receive your bid and then if they received it if they know that your content is plagiarized or copy paste whatsoever..they will unvote you..
You will lost all the money you invested..
But even so this will serve as. Lesson to me..The Hard part is that they will use their power to drag you down..
This is not what freedom is all about..this is still influence by TO’s they will use their TO’s to get and confiscat your money..
Is this the cryptocurrency all about..?


This is why i do not just copypast and post!... Atleast You get a lesson!

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