Hallo steemit Iam murhadi

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Hallo steemit.

my name murhadi origin of aceh precisely bireuen, I graduated from al-Muslim university from civil engineering department,

now I'm pioneering business in welding for about 1 year, and still running smoothly
After I heard about steemit from the people around me, I wanted to try it myself, here I am beginner please help from steemit friends all

follow me at @murhadimur


welcome to steemit :)

thanks. Please help

hello @murhadimur and welcome to steemit!

this is a great place with a great community .. glad to have you.

thanks. Please help me

Welcome to steemit.
Check out my blog if you like and follow @joepike
I will follow back.

thank you, of course

Welcome to steemit !!
I hope you enjoy finding common issues with people and learning new things.
you can follow my blog @jangkeum and even give me upvote ...

tank you ,of course

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