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Dear Steemian,

I’d like to introduce myself as a new member of Steemit. My name is Lucia and I’m 28 years of age. I live in The Netherlands and recently in the beautiful southern part of the country.

From an early age I was already fascinated with nature. Always wanting to be outside: playing in the woods, swimming in rivers and lakes, in search for mystical animals and exploring all that nature has to offer. Since I can remember, to me it has always felt as if everything in nature is alive and vibrating: from the cows and horses on the pasture, to the bees and birds in the air, to the trees and plants rising from the soil and to the rocks, sand and water covering the earth.
As a young girl I ones heard that the Indians have the belief that everything has a soul or spirit, an anima in Latin, including animals, plants, rocks, mountains, rivers, and stars. They believe each anima is a powerful spirit that can help or hurt them and are to be worshipped or feared or in some way attended to. This fascinated me and without any question felt to me like the truth. Growing older and wanting to know more about this belief, I found out that it is called ‘animism’.

Out of my passion for nature and my belief that nature is essential to all living beings on this earth (including mankind), I strongly felt the urge wanting to help preserve the ever decreasing nature that is left in the world. That is why a couple of years ago I decided to become an ecologist. Ecology stands for the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings. To be able to be of some meaning for nature at this point in my life, feels as a great reward to me.

I strongly feel like sharing my experiences in my profession and my personal life with this community, so that I can reach a broader audience and that we can keep this world a beautiful place.

Thanks for reading my introduction post and feel free to contact me 😊

Kind regards,

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I myself also read about animism, and as you mention as well, it feels naturally true. The vibrance that is in all living things, not just meaning animals, plants, fungi and bacteria, but in all that forms planet Earth and beyond. The vibrance that connects us all physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Welcome on steem! There are so many ideas to express and share!


Wauw, nice to have found a second person who shares my point of view :) Being aware of all the connections within ourselves and with all that is around us, brings union between humans and between humans and nature once again!


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Hi Lucia, great to have you in our steemit community. There are a lot of friendly people out here that maybe in need of your experience. Sharing is caring!!


Hi freyrtruthseeker, Thank you for your kind reply to my message. Looking forward to exchange knowlegde with each other!


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Hello Luny!
Fantastic. You are on Steem too. Let's party on!


Thank you! It's nice to be part of this community now :)


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Welcome to steemit ! I hope you will enjoy being here just as much as I do. Stay active, post quality content and you will succeed :)


Hi trendo, thanks for your informative reaction. Will do so! :)