Paradise Walker in Majorca

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Hi friends,


I send my greetings to all of you from the Spanish island Majorca (Mallorca), my present home in the Mediterranean.


Born and raised in Germany, I consider myself an open-minded world citizen who lived and worked in different countries and cultures of Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.
Now, my wife and I are enjoying the ‘Indian summer’ of our lives in Southern Europe.
A beautiful spot also for our children and grandchildren to join us for their holidays.


In my professional career as an international business lawyer, I worked for start-up companies as well as for big corporations in the field of aerospace and telecommunications.
In my private life, I love music and dancing, tennis, swimming and snorkeling in the ocean.
Since our planet has been suffering from quite some stress and neglect over the past decades, I would like to contribute to improving the situation by joining and supporting respective activities of like-minded people in the areas of sustainability and environmental protection.


On the personal level, I would like to share my knowledge and long-term experience in the areas of law, philosophy, travel, relationships and meditation.
I am excited to take part in the Steemit community!


With the siberian cold we witness right now, I would prefer a little bit warmer weather like on your island :) Welcome!

Thanks for your friendly welcome! This here is all new to me and I am wandering through all these exciting areas. :-)

Welcome to Steem! Hope you have a pleasant journey in this amazing blogging platform.

Thanks mate! My first blog ever and still struggling with some beginners´hick-ups...

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Viel Glueck beim Bloggen. Und wenn es dann noch den einen oder anderen Taler dazu gibt, hat sich die Muehe ja gelohnt.

Vielen Dank herbycon! Ich freue mich auch schon auf einen Post von Dir.

Habs jetzt bewußt gelesen, und einiges, was ich im übrigen zu fast 100% stützen kann, vielleicht bis auf das meditieren, voll stützen. Mein Respekt.

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