My Return to the Steemit world

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6 Months ago in my last post I had explained that I was hired at Equinox at the Glendale location. turns out equinox was not the right place for me. i had no idea that i was going to be engulfed in the sales world from working there. i spent exactly 6 months working there and it took up all of my time and creative capacity. that kind of work may fit in with others but i could not function at my best in that type of environment. after a trip to Death valley with my closest friends and had a chance to think and clear my mind and come to the realization to take a leap of faith and jump ship from the safety of consistent paychecks and take it into my hands and create my path to success.

after i made my choice to leave equinox i have found a tremendous amount of motivation and focus not only to make a business that encourages people to believe in themselves and achieve fitness goals of any kind but also to continue my journey of self discovery and creativity. I am currently training privet clients and is working out great!!! i will be posting work out plans and corrective workouts designed for functional moment and mobility for anyone who needs them... along with some of my visual work to keep you well stimulated both physically and mentally. its good to be back and am very excited to share from my experiences. i have a strong belief in cryptocurrency and believe that this is the future. Happy new year!!!


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Glad to see you back here man. Looking forward to your innovative style and awesome workout videos!

Welcome back. Nice pics !

He is back!

No rewards without the risks ... good on ya!


thank you!

Te ves fuerte ;)

Welcome back! You'll find a lot of new people, glad you took that leap and decided to change it up because you weren't as happy as you could be. Great pictures of the valley too. Look forward to more posts and hearing the journey. Followed!


thank you

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