Hey there, Steemit! I’m a novelist, entrepreneur, and carpenter (like Jesus!)

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Less than three months ago, my wife left me for her ex boyfriend.

The separation hit me harder than the death of my father, and I quickly learned I'm not the emotionally-stable INTJ that I thought I was. I experienced every break-up cliche... and my creativity tanked right in the middle of my fifth novel.

(Collaboration with digital artist, Archan Nair.)

But now it’s time to bounce back… and joining the Steemit community seemed like a solid first step. 

My good friend, @piedpiper, jumped to my aid and used Steemit to raise enough money to fly me down to Valdivia, Chile to help launch his new production company. For the next few months I'll be working side-by-side with the talented people at Fort Galt Studios to polish a series of kickass screenplays that will serve as a foundation for the young business. 

While my ex is adjusting to her new life in Arkansas with a guy who works at Taco Bell, I'll be living our dream without her. 

In the meantime, I’ll be leaping headfirst into the Steemit community with novel excerpts, short stories, photo projects, and a unique interview format where I’ll ask provocative questions to established artists. Most of all, I look forward to collaborating with this unique, engaging, and talented community. 

If you’d like to know more about me, check out my website and Goodreads profile. And if you’d like to see where I am creatively, check out the trailer for my newest book, The Day I Wore Purple.


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While my ex is adjusting to her new life in Arkansas with a guy who works at Taco Bell, I'll be living our dream without her.

This quote should be in a movie. :)

It's already in my notebook : )

Hell yeah, it will be. :D

Welcome to the project zone! Looking forward to meeting you if you're down there this fall...

It's looking like a good possibility. Stay in touch!

Glad to see another writer on here!

Looking forward to having you down here, man! Seems like a good time to start a new chapter.

Sorry to hear about your relationship that can be tough! In my experience with heartache I do my best to channel that pain into making myself a better person. I hope your projects work out and look forward to seeing more!

I've been working out for the first time in my life, and pushing myself into more and more creative projects. I'm also an extrovert for the first time in my life!

Hey there, and welcome!

Sounds like a crazy quarter-year for you, but new beginnings hold much promise. It sounds like you have a lot planned for us, and I look forward to seeing your posts here. Best wishes to you!

I appreciate the encouraging words. I can't wait to get started!

So much work to be done. It's gonna be a crazy year in every way imaginable.

I am looking forward to your excerpts!

I didn't know Jesus was a novelist.

Yeahhh... for a writer, I worded that pretty poorly.

@jakevanderark Thanks for sharing your story. A breakup with a loved one is never easy but it seems your friend brought you out of it. Nothing helps sadness more than a healthy mind and body. Surround yourself with organic fruits and vegetables and all will be well. Again, welcome to our Steemit community. 🎉