My Steeming Introduction

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Hello fellow Steemians! 

Like many others in this new digital gold rush I was first drawn to Steemit due to it's high quality content covering the cryptocurrency markets, lurked in the shadows for a few days, humming and hawing,  when before I knew it I was already becoming a part of the community.


                                                                                 "I'm getting excited"

This is entirely new territory for me, as I am social media backward. I just could not for the life of me understand, why do so many people sign up to Myspace, Bebo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. How doe's it enrich their life's so much to warrant such user adaption. All I could ever see was irrelevant news, propaganda and poorly hidden advertisements.


                                                   "Man saves family of 4 from burning building, 

                                                                     POWERED BY NUKA COLA!"

Steemit on the other hand is an entirely different kettle offish, it shows great potential. In a world filled with rampant greed and  Mé féiners ( Irish for "me me me" basically) it is a welcome breath of fresh air into an needlessly isolated life. I had forgotten the value of discussing my interest's because, quite frankly, where I am from my interests are considered nerdy and boring.


Rightio I should introduce myself now I guess ^^

Well my name is Gavin Rooney, 27 years young. I was born and raised in the south of Ireland, where I am now raising my own son, Nathan. Me and his mother Aileen have been together for 11 years come August 5th.


                                                                             "I am a VERY lucky man"

It is my hope through this, my very first ever ever ever blog post, I make some friends and we can discuss trading strategies, golf, poker, Boxing/MMA (Mayweather VS McGregor August 29th!!) or whatever happens to be the flavor of the day!

For anyone who took the time to read this, thank you :)

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Welcome to this wonderful platform!

I feel welcome, thanks very much !

Welcome to the steemit family Gavin. Great introduction :) following you and upped your post. Will be waiting to read more of your posts. Take care :)

Much appreciated bud!

Welcome to @Steemit, Gnime! great family! would be awesome to upvote and follow me back :)

Thanks @andre, followed :) will be making an attempt at explaining cross platform trading soon :)

Beautiful family you have there brother :)

Thanks bud. I made one of them myself :)

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