introduction to my steemian friend

in #introceyourself6 years ago (edited)

assalammualaikum.hay everything, are you all okay, hope all in good health, today I want to introduce myself in steemit account, I know steemit from my friend @arifdayat. hope here we more know each other and established strong ukhwah between we, to get to know each other more, I want to want to post my biodata. nurul name, live in aceh, born in 1993, we are four brothers who are tied in a close love affair, because for me my family is everything in my life, because it is they who strengthen me when I'm in trouble, they are reaching out when I fall, it seems they are my world, without them I'm nothing in life,IMG-20180215-WA0003.jpg


kop lucu photonyan..

welcome here wish you have a good time

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