Hi Steemians! All about me :)

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Here I go again invading new endevour in steemit community. Without further ado, let me introduce myself...

Hey yah! Steemians.. I'm Sherelyn my friends called me SHERIE :) 26 years younger. Just kidding! hahaha I'm 26 years old. Currently residing here in CAGAYAN DE ORO PHILIPPINES. I'm a SPED teacher by profession, graphic artist by passion and a 100% human being by heart. :)

(This picture below was taken last 2015 as my compliance with out teacher'sday celebration)

(This picture below was taken a couple of months after my misscarriage. Got this poker face smile. Tried to hide the pain thou..)

I'm in deep pain right now as I loss my SON last year. Big thanks to @allenversoza for sharing this spectacular STEEMIAN community a type of platform that I want to engage into. I am fun of writing, through that way I can express my thoughts and to cope up stress while gaining FRIENDS. Moreover me :)

I'm a type of person that I strive for excellence and I can consider myself as an independent impowered woman. I play games equally in both sexes. Way back in my college years I raise my studies as a customer service crew in a fast food resturant. Thou my mother is a government teacher it doesn't signify the means being well provided as my father is partially unable to worked. Living life as difficult as everybodies perspective but I wont take poverty stop me for reaching my dreams. No way!

I start gained interest in graphic designing as I foresee the market on it however PSD (Adobe Photoshop) installation disc is quite expensive for me so what I did is I looked for a graphic shop and offer my service for free as a part time secretary in exchange of them to trained me on how PSD works.

With my determination I successfully learned and be able to apply it as an oncall artist. My hardwork payed off as I make a lot of money for making graphic designs as I link it to my field in education.

I finally got my Bachelors Degree in Education and Special Education as my field of interest. By then the true battle begins. As my endeavor doesn't stop in earning my degree. I need to have a job righ away. A month before my graduation I start to applied as a graphic artist in one of a TECHNICAL EDUCATION SCHOOL by GOD's grace I got my first job. As I continued my excellence the management notice my credentials that I am capable to teach and so they sent me into a training and became thier trainer in Migrated Housekeeping Certificate Level II.


I also worked at night as a part time homebased ESL teacher in China, Japan and Thailand. Then I've got pregnant and adviced to bedrest as I had a delecate pregnancy. I was force to resign from my job. I gave up everything for my child but then everything was not enough for him to stay.

Baby angelo.jpg

As of the moment I worked as a Homebased Appointment Setter. The core of my job are to do outbound/inbound calls straight from leads in AUSTRALIA and update information through CRM. I am working hard to cope up my loss. I am lucky enough to find this kind of platform to express my feelings.

"Life is a matter of choice sometimes you should know how to dance under the rain"

GREAT to gain more friends in my STEEMIT days..

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Thanks for the warm welcome
@allenversoza @patricobrown @spiry-btc @hr1

You are the epitome of a woman -- strong-willed and optimistic about life no matter how difficult it has been. I, too, had lost a child (miscarriage) which was the most painful I have endured. But with the continued love and support of family, I knew I didn't have to carry the heavy load alone. Continue to become an inspiration through your writing. Keep on keeping on, and again, welcome to Steemit!

@jpmkikoy this comment means so much to me. Thanks for the words of encouragement. I'll keep in touch with your well crafted article. See you around sis :)

welcome @@@sheire

@angelbless a big thanks sis! 😘😘😘

Welcome to Steemit Family. 😊

Cheers... Thanks girl 😘😘

Welcome @sherie

Thanks @andrimahzar excited to read more of your write ups :)

Welcome she, nice intro

@janelaurico thanks sis Jane following you now to read more of your blog.. See yah in my wall ..

Wow, I an online English teacher in Bibo. Welcome to Steemit, Teacher!

@barttalks I already resigned in Bibo got new teaching company. I would love to see you there higher paid than BIBO :)

Welcome to Steemit @sherie

heya! @barbiee thanks sissy :) see you on my wall :)

Welcome to steemit @sherie

Thanks @jennybeans :)

welcome po...

Wow! thanks following you now :) Hope we could have great time here in this awsome coomunity

Welcome to the steemit world Teacher @sherie
Hats off to teachers like you. A bit sad 'bout the loss of your angel but I am sure you'll be able to move on! We are all here to channel out something and utilize the platform to earn with our rants, frustrations, achievements and anything we want to post about. Enjoy what you always love to do and make it visible here on steemit.

@fycee thanks for the warm welcome :) Indeed, this platform releave stress and frustration while earning...lucky to know this community sorrunded by people like you. See you in my wall :)

Welcome sister begin the journey of steemit
upvoted you follow this link to do the same https://steemit.com/@fenmark

thanks @fenmark for the upvote. I'll return the favor

Welcome to Steemit. I think you will like it. There are plenty of people who love talking about cryptocurrencies, but lots of other interests too. Have fun

@lopezdacruz pleasure is mine in joining this community with like you 😁 Thanks for the warm welcome...

Hello kabayan! Welcome to steemit 😊

@gwenbyyy hi sissy :) thank you so much for the warm welcome fan of your well crafted article see in my wall :)

Your welcome sissyyy

Hi Sherie! Warmth welcome to Steemit!

@ladyrai great to know here sis :) see you around

Welcome and enjoy. I'm new also in steemit 😊

nice post

@allexpire thanks :)

Welcome to steemit community!

Thanks @andresrey appreciate it :)

Welcome to steemit @sherie. This is good, more members means we are growing, especially the filipino community. Mabuhay!

Thanks @invictuz sweet of you see you around :)