a small probably pointless intro.... but hello anyway!

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Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

I am absolutely late to this but thought it would be a good start to do an introduction...

I am 32 years old from the UK. I have spent the last few years trying to get a better understanding and possibly enter the Crypto space. I work in technical support for IT systems but I have just recently lost my job. This has prompted me to look a little more into crypto markets and investing in Bitcoin and this area in general. I have always had an interest but I am getting more involved now

I have joined a few slack's and spend my days looking at charts and reading about trading strategies. I feel like i am learning things and i seem to be making some good choices and I have managed to make more money than I have lost of the last few weeks so its a start.

I think the biggest thing for me losing my job is that I have had to think about where my money is coming from. I have never been unemployed. I have never not had income. This has come as a massive shock to the system and for the first time in my life I have had to be conscious about what I spend my money on. I am totally aware that this is how most people live and I am blessed to have got this far without that. It has just been a real wake up call that things can change and you really need to be planning for this change.

The interest has not just sparked from the opportunity to make money. The Social movement my is one of particular interest to me. I feel I have always been a socialist at heart - I really want the world to share its wealth and empower people. The capitalist world we have all been brought up to believe is the best for us will not take us forward together. it will enable a few choice people and leave the rest of us waiting and hoping in the wings. This will be a failure for humanity and ultimately we need to think about what can be done to bring us forward as a group.

I feel the crypto movement is the start of this.

I want to be a part of this.

It is exciting times and we are just the start.


thanks for sharing.
Be strong.

thanks dude

Welcome! Better late than never! BTW, You are not late!