A little introduction :-)

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A little introduction

Hi steemians, I will do a little text to present myself. So, to begin, I'm a 14 year old student. I live in Montréal, Québec, Canada, but I am born in Argentina, my parents are Peruvian and Russian. To resume , I'm a little mix of everything haha :') I play football in a club and I'm the goalkeeper. I really love that ! My passion ... the sport, particularly the football, the technology and the economy. I'm interessed by everything that touch numbers. And my defaults, I'm not very good in English and its for this reason I will begin this blog. But I talk French and Spanish, so you can post commentaries in this language, I will reply with pleasure :) That its for this little intro, if you have other questions, send me in the comments.

With pleasure,
Mathias P.

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Thank you ! I'm following you ;)

What’s up welcome to steemit.

Thanks! Upvote my posys please! And I will poat later a top 3 of gba emulator on android! 🙂

Following you now. ill Upvote your post, dont forget to do the same.