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INTRO is an Ecosystem for real estate market players. Already today, the system has more than 6800 objects from 1800 developers, which you can buy with a discount of up to 30%. We are ready to scale our business to the global market. Smart contracts allow investors to make a deal with the property developer without any intermediaries.The rapid growth is largely caused by the growing demand for BI systems from market players and regulators.

Over 20 construction companies, several governmental agencies and industrial associations is now using the products of INTRO RUS. Our users include the representatives of National Association of Housing Developers, Union of Construction Companies of Ural and Siberia, Chelyabinsk Interregional Union of Builders and other professionals from 18 parts of Russia, where INTRO business is present.

In the beginning of 2017, the IT division stood out as an independent business and registered as INTRO Technology Rus, JSC. By 2018, the company had 30 staff members and about 20 freelance contributors. The team specialises in IT solutions for property market players and state actors. INTRO’s international operations are carried out by the affiliated company INTRO Blockchain Ltd. located in Estonia.

The latter is also responsible for blockchain development and the support of INTRO token holders. Today, INTRO Technology Rus provides IT services to 30+ major developers and 300+ real estate brokers. The services include a patented system for property market analysis and a digital marketplace of real estate. INTRO Analytica, our AI-based solution for market analysis, is recognized as one of the best IT startups in Central and Eastern Europe by crunchbase.

In December 2017, it was selected for the acceleration programme in IIDF, the largest IT accelerator & venture fund in Europe. INTRO Sale, our property marketplace, attracted 300+ users already in beta-version. The closed release for real estate professionals took place at the Russian Property Congress in Sochi (April, 2018). The public release is scheduled to June, 1 st 2018.

Now we want to offeRour pro-level services to private property buyers from all over the world. To make services accessible for global users, the team launched blockchain development and issued INTRO token compatible with ERC-20 standard.

INTRO token is an access key for current and future INTRO products. After the ICO, INTRO services for global users will be only available to the token holders. Payments in any other currencies will not be accepted. Right now you can check the demo versions.


INTRO Analytica is a Business Intelligence system for residential property market used by developers, investors & analysts. INTRO Analytica is processing raw data from the state property register and displays current market trends in graphic charts and tables. The access is provided by paid subscription. There are more than 30 subscribers among developers, investors & market analysts.

Today, the system covers 20 regions in Russia and generates the revenue of $150 000. The system stores all the transaction & market data in the private blockchain, which can be accessed by INTRO token holders. The system can be scaled to all the countries where property register is publicly available at any online platform.


Is a private marketplace of real estate with a smart contract In January 2018, INTRO Blockchain launched a B2B-platform for property trade between developers & real estate brokers. Now more than 300 professional brokers in Russia are using its national version named Ru.Sale. Here brokers can purchase properties at the developers’ prices or get a discounted prorepry. A developer can offer a noticeable discount when the company has a cashflow cap to close. A smart contract secures the deal.

The first deal under a smart contract completed in April 2018 – an apartment was sold on at the price 15% below the market. Today INTRO Sale can become a game changer at the real estate market. During the ICO, we invite individual property buyers to this professional platform. INTRO tokens will provide access to direct trade with property developers. The raised funds will be dedicated to global expansion of the platform and development of a blockchain-based property auction.


is a platform for property purchase by installment payments. This is another part of INTRO Blockchain that is designed for token holders. INTRO REstate is the final step of blockchain revolution in the real estate market. Before reaching this point, INTRO users will be already able to trade with developers, collectively invest in properties for own use, rent or re-sale.

INTRO REstate adds an opportunity to invest in under-construction properties and pay by installments during the construction phase. A usual property development cycle is 3 years, so we limit the installment plan by 36 months. In these terms, INTRO token holders will be able to sign a smart contract with developer and get 0% interest.

No banks and no homeloans involved. In a mean term, a booked property will be collectively owned by all INTRO token holders. Development of INTRO REstate will begin in October 2018 if the token sale attracts a hard cap. In September, INTRO token holders will be able to vote on the roadmap of this project.

For homebuyers

INTRO Token Advantages for Token holders Homebuyers can buy properties directly from the developers. INTRO Analytica evaluates the project reliability: construction permits, building plans and ownership rights. The property data is collected from the state sources and kept in INTRO blockchain. INTRO users can save up to 30% on property deals.

Cooperation with global developers make to purchase property abroad via INTRO’s legal representatives. In future, ITR holders will also be able to buy under construction properties by installment payment. INTRO REstate will offer installment plans for 36 months with 0% interest.

For property investors

Investors can participate in property auctions on blockchain-based platform INTRO Sale. Developers put up properties for auction starting from the prime cost. ITR holders also will be able to use smart contracts for property co-investment. There will be 3 types of contracts:

co-investment in under-construction property;

co-investment in ready-made property;

property timeshare (micro-share investment). A social network of INTRO COINvest will help you to find fellow co-investors from around the globe.

A broad geography

Now real estate investors have to pay for analytical services in foreign markets, but INTRO Token holders will receive the international market data and investment offers. INTRO Blockchain will expand with respect to the users’ requests to deliver all the hidden gems of the global property market!

Smart contracts with security deposits

Smart contracts at INTRO Sale protect the interests of both property seller & buyer. Buyer cannot start a property deal without leaving a 2%-deposit. If buyer drops the deal, the frozen amount is transferred to the seller as compensation. If the deal is successful, deposit is returned. Seller cannot cancel the ongoing deal without paying a cancellation fee of 5%. The buyer will receive 3% out of the fee as a compensation. If a seller cancels more than 5 deals and avoids fee payments, this seller will be banned from the platform.

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