Greetings steemit!

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I was referred to this site by the Anarchast podcast while I was researching CPU based Coins that could be mined since I have recently been gifted several functioning computers. Last time that happened I started mining BTC in late 2013 and been mining ever since.

But enough for that.

I'll do a little about me...

I work in Loss Prevention and aspire to do cyber-security after observing the spike in digital currency and technological advances. I'm originally a gamer at heart and have almost every console you can think of and play on PC regularly. I do plan on starting a twitch stream with my family and make regular uploads to youtube for archival purposes and content.

Side note - I submitted but was not approved in the Litecoin wiki that the original Xbox mines at 39 h/s with GentooX.

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glad you came to check it out!

welcome to steemit