Moderate Sunflower Intolerance Is Rough

in intolerance •  6 months ago

Have to get better about checking lables. Sunflower oil is in pretty much everything. I sent away to get tested for intolerancues and came most of mine came back mild with the exception of peanut and sunflower. They were both moderate. It's a very difficult sensitivity. Stomach is killing so I read the ingredients of my unsweetened vanilla almond milk and ofcourse there's sunflower oil in it. 

Will have to t really hard to find safe things. Will post when I do. Anyone else who reacts to sunflowe. I have a mild reaction to gluten. That's way easier than this. Although my the gluten coconut combination is a little hard. Am now vegan which is good too, because I guess react to milk, yogurt, and mozzarell. Want to study more about nutrition, and plan to post what I find. 

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