in intoduceyourself •  11 months ago

Greetings Steemit users!

I am new here on steemit, want to checkout the platform and be active part of it. My name is Marcin and I live in Poland. I am working as young IT specialist in ORGANIC and ORGANIC GLUTEN FREE bakery and I am proud of it.
I am part of the team which wants to serve the best and the healthiest bread in my country. Some of You may say that's only a small brick in building "new, better world" but They did not see all the chemistry shit which is added to bread nowadays.

Just wanted to say hello to community and introduce, if any of You want a tip for making really good organic glutenfree or organic gluten bread feel free to ask.

Ahh! I am also proud owner of Maine-Coon Cat named Ferdek!
Oneday I will share our photo ^^

Farewell Steemians!

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