In Bed With The SteemBirds - feat. @nigina

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In Bed at SteemFest³

In Bed With The SteemBirds - Season 1

Episode 1 - @lifesacircus
Episode 2 - @jackieobermeyer
Episode 3 - @surfermarly
😎 Episode 4 - @nigina 😎
Episode 5 - @coruscate (coming soon)
Episode 6 - @koreanoprah (coming soon)
more TBA

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 11.23.22 PM.png

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Now this is one great bird you got here, one of my favorite people on steemit and it was a huge pleasure getting to know her at steemfest 3 !! Nice work guys! Had to add this to @vostokarmy and @onelovedtube trail for as much love as posssible!!

❤❤❤ @vladivostok

You are one cruel bird @nigina but I love ya just the same :)

Ahahaha epic momentum! :-D

We had some great energy there for sure, the mood was great, the people were great and we were like energizer bunnies for sure !!!

Haha, I can relate!

i think everyone there can.

Bahaha, probably the greatest photo on steemit today 😂. Good times ya’ll

She got me, the one time I pass out,,, well there were a few other times but only two caught on photo ... that I know of :) good times for sure !!

Lol. Only two caught on camera 😂.

Happens to the best of us!

I made it to the front page on @greencross dtube
And in the money suit none the less !!! And on day zero, I beat most people there so day zero was day 3 for me

lol best suit ever @vladivostok

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hilarious scenario brother
so much fun

Ha! This is one is $

Wasn’t feeling like money that’s the truth

Episode 4 and it's the first wine spill I think? Good going!!

Wait till episode 5. I am definitely not helping their average. 😬

More spillage to come? Well at least you didn't have to wash the covers. Hit and run!

Hahaha, what's your favorite thing about being a crypto babe: not needing to clean up the room afterwards! :-D

I happy to report that the steembirds were not charged for any of the duvets!

That's the concierge bonus! I bet he put in a good word for you guys after having had the chance to be your private photographer :-D


Xaxa hopefully

hahahahahah:)) This episode is the most beautiful episode, i laughed so much. @nigina is very funny


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