Sndbox Newbie Spotlight 1: Interview with @playitforward [Exploring Music and Film on Steemit]

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Spotlights are interviews! @sndbox reaches out to creative individuals and communities of all experience levels. Our goal is to raise awareness towards new users and help connect them with experienced Steemians. (50% of the SBD earned from this post will go directly to @playitforward’s account to support his work.)


@sndbox : Hi @playitforward, tell us about yourself and your background?

@playitforward : I was born in Seattle, WA. My dad an illustrator, and mom an artist representative. My brother and I were both fortunate to be around their eclectic tastes and relative openness to all cultures and art forms. I was a curious kid, always recording, playing guitar, making home videos, learning animation and photoshop. After falling into loving music even more, I went to Berklee College of Music in Boston graduating with a degree in Music Composition for Film and TV, as well as a Minor in Game Scoring.

Since then I've been living in Los Angeles working in a number of capacities in audio and much of the time is scoring music for commercials, TV shows, and films.

@sndbox : When did you join Steemit, and why?

@playitforward : I joined Steemit at the end of August, 2017 and started becoming active early September. I believe my initial reasons were to help demystify cryptocurrency and blockchain, as well as have a great social network to have a creative outlet in. It's definitely a perk that you can earn something from your posts, also a perk that you can learn so much from other people in a way that is quite unlike any other network. It does seem like there's a lot less judgement on here than on other social networks (not to be named).

@sndbox : How has your experience on this platform been?

@playitforward : So far, it's been a great experience. I've found myself learning how to present my work in a new way. Usually I only send my work to the client, get feedback, and then it's released. It's really cool to see other people's take on the same work. I love to be able to research subjects that I've always been wanting to look up, but this is more motivating to learn when I can present it in a channel dedicated to entertainment.

@sndbox : What is the most important project you are working on or planning now?

@playitforward : Currently there's a few projects going. The project I posted about before (industrial commercials) has been ongoing recently. Just sending out two different lengths tomorrow morning.

Another project I am doing was a complete sound design, music composition, and mix for a TV Pilot show.

I am designing music for an artist exhibition in Washington, that will be pretty exciting too. It may also be interactive audio where placement of where people are standing could control how the music sounds.

@sndbox : In the next 6 months of being in Sndbox and on Steemit, where do you see your work going?

@playitforward : There are a couple things I plan for the next 6 months. I want to do a few series of topics that are important to me. Currently putting together a series on The Music of James Bond. Others are in the works as well. I am hoping to be able to fund a recording session or hire musicians and record them with an original piece of mine funded entirely by Steemit. I like writing about projects I am on, days on set, musicians and music news, movies, entertainment in general.

@sndbox : Any other comments and ideas you would like to share with @sndbox readers?

@playitforward : I would really like to be able to collaborate with Steemit members on a community music project. If anyone's interested in putting something together with me let's strategize and do it! I have a few ideas for that.

It could be cool to do a community music track where people could submit one element that would go into the track and have it all mixed together into a large piece. Sort of like a Steemit Remix.

A big thanks to @playitforward for the interview! Make sure to follow his page to learn more about the his work in the collaborative field of music and film production. (50% of the SBD earned from this post will go directly to @playitforward’s account to support his work.)

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thank you for introduce a execellent musician to us~

I’m happy to hear the direction of the audio/visual arts in this environment. This is exciting. I look forward to participating. Thanks for a great post!

This guy seems to be really cool I'll check his blog :D


Definitely check his blog out @playitforward, he's a super talented musician and filmmaker. We're lucky to have him on Steemit.

When did you graduate Berklee? I went there too, from 2009 to 2012.


@heymattsokol I was there 2009-2013. So weird! We should connect. Or in Berklee words "jam".


Oh damn man, we're in the same class haha. I just saw this response. That's wild. I guess we never crossed paths... Berklee was just big enough that it's possible to go there for years and never meet everybody.

Great job @sndbox putting out the work of @playitforward hehe the bond music sounds great ritually, well put together post.


@simonjay! Let's figure that out. Shoot me an email at

hahaha..i love to sing but i can not be interviewed @sndbox.

I like and resteem


It's the people that are shy and quiet that have the most to give in art @dianclasher!



Exciting stuff!

For anyone interested in collaborating on "a community music track" definitely reach out to @playitforward! Hope you all enjoy the interview :)


I love the Universe!!! I was thinking about trying to organise something like that and see if I could ask my friend to play it on the radio..

Been in @sndbox for a week and already things are coming together 💚 Let me talk to a few people..

Have you chosen a song? May I suggest we make this into a full community project and have everyone vote on the song?

Sorry. I'm getting very excited about this!

Great interview you guys 💚

I'll dm you @playitforward

Great post :)

Nice feature


Thanks for supporting playitforward @design-guy!

Guys, you doing great job, I can't believe that we didn't talk in Lisbon, well I didn't know about your existence + I was busy filming event. I've looked through your stuff and as a experienced photographer who looks at details I think you create great content, nice, neat and tidy that how it suppose to be. I still regret we didn't have chance to chat, maybe next year? Or maybe lets talk at steemchat, I would love to know more creative minds here.