5 Easy Tips on How to Make an International Relationship Work

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No one said that relationships were easy and an international relationship is no different. Here are 5 easy tips to a loving, fun and lasting relationship from WifeNow.net online platform, where you can find your love .

There’s no doubt that much of the developed and developing world is making a solid push towards multiculturalism as elements of globalization continue to creep into each and every crack of modern society. Sometimes these pushes work and other times they don’t. After all, it’s hard to force an entire nation to universally accept something as large as cultural integration all at once. That being said, international relationships and marriages don’t come with a guidebook or agreed upon framework. Like any partnership, they take work, but there are certainly a few tips to keep in mind.

Forget the Beatles

All You Need is Love is a great song and when you hear it, heavy doses of nostalgia could consume your senses, but remember this: The Beatles might have been a great sensation in your country or family, but just because you assume “everyone loves the Beatles”, doesn’t actually make it true. If you stumble across this situation, show a bit of restraint when demonstrating your enthusiasm for a specific and rather esoteric subject.
As for me, I love almost every Hollywood film from the 1980s and, in many cases, I have memorized most of the lines. My born and raised Korean wife, however, just doesn’t see the attraction. And to be honest, she doesn’t need to understand it. Rather than trying to get her to understand why some B-film from the 80s should be appreciated, we could be spending time finding new things that we both love and enjoy.

Open your mind … and mouth

It goes without saying that an international relationship requires an open mind. Everything from manners and meeting new people to education and politics will garner a different reaction based on one's background and upbringing. You need to be prepared to accept a unique approach and worldview. These types of things can be learned after a while, but what really takes some time is food. Everyone likes what they like. My American diet is much more based around bread, potatoes and cheese. My wife prefers vegetables, rice and fish.
Fortunately, both of us are open-minded and when it comes time for making dinner, I am more than happy to go for a little Korean cuisine. As an extra bonus, if I make specific requests for something Korean by name and try to prepare it myself, it makes my wife feel much more comfortable and at ease when eating.

George Washington was a great man, but …

I am proud of my knowledge of history. I’ve spent a lot of time piecing together the rich history of the American story and am more than willing to share that with anyone who asks. The problem is, not that many people ask.
When you’re in an international relationship, studying the history, culture and society of your partner’s country is a must. If you make an effort to learn some big events and important names from their perspective, you will avoid many speed-bumps along the way. Remember, each nation has the right to their own version of history. George Washington was a great man, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t know who and why the Korean King Sejong is still loved in modern Korean society.

Pardon my French…

Regardless of the language you speak together, your partner will really love it if you head down to the bookstore and pick up a simple language book in their native language. If your nations have a language in common, then you can try learning some idioms instead. Becoming fluent isn’t necessary right off the bat, but once you start gaining a pretty strong command of the language; you’ll start to realize that there are ways to express emotions and feelings you never even knew existed.
Language might seem like a barrier to communication, but once you unlock the gate, an entire world of expressions and understanding will be at your disposal. Besides, who doesn’t like to be romanced in a second language?

Holiday cheers for long distance lovers

While it’s true that some holidays like solar New Year’s Eve span the globe and that most nations have some sort of harvest festival, there are plenty of other occasions that are not celebrated anywhere else. Even Christmas differs from nation to nation. A sure-fire way to make your mate feel close to you is by surprising them with a special treat, song or costume from a well-known national holiday. It shows admiration for their customs and will most likely be a lot of fun.
Just because you and your international partner have chosen a specific locale to call home doesn’t mean that your relationship has to adapt to its surroundings. Keeping the vibrancy of multiple cultures alive in your relationship will not only make it more interesting and exciting, but it will ultimately bring you closer as you learn more about each other’s personality and nationality.

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