Google's Skynet is already here, learning from your terrible drawings one at a time!

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I think this is a rather smart project by Google. One of the best ways to teach a continuously-learning and supervised AI is to constantly provide organic feedback. Limiting it to doodles will really teach the AI to recognize objects by more simplistic, bare forms. Just draw and let Skynet take a jab at guessing your mouse-drawn masterpieces!

Here's my result in the first run. It's really quite amusing to have a bot guessing each time you apply more strokes into your drawing!

Here's the website:

Do you know of any other cool websites? Please share!

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All images from screenshot from:

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Very nice! I will have to give this a try.

Share any other cool sites if you come across one!

It's fun this doodling. But it is a bit uncanny how fast neural net ai development is going. Today I also read about the interlingua universal language Google's machines created themselves and which can translate between any language without (hardly?) any training.

Exponential progress! It'll be super smart before we know it..

Arrrrhh, that was drawing under pressure!

LOL. I think you drew a little too nicely. If the bot is trained mostly with crappy drawings, then the nice drawings would be hard to detect xD

I've been playing around with it for about a week now, and I must say that I'm quite impressed with it. I don't know about you, but I, for one, welcome our new robot overlord.

Cross-disciplinary task is still a huge problem for AIs though, but for now, specialized and responsive bots will do :D

Haha yeah, I agree. I've dealt mostly with the AI/ML-side of computer science back in college, that's why I'm always hopeful whenever there are advances in the field.

It's kind of scary.

it already has a cute style.
The golf club is perfect.

they'll make a lot of money once this bot can manage guessing more complex stuff!

Once it can guess captcha, it can verify as human.

haha...I'll be using that one with my grandkids.... and not as easy as it looked at first.

Not sure if it works on mobile touchscreens.. much easier that way!

A touchscreen might be easier, I don't know .... we only have trackpads on our laptops. Anyhow it was a fun thing to do. Although drawing Mona Lisa?? lol....who could.

Cool. I vil play with my son image image

Have fun! :)

Thanks, I tried. Not too bad.
It can recognize my ugly drawing.

It could also recognize my left handed mouse drawing.. it's quite legit ;)

You just started trying with left hand or you are left-handed all along?

Left handed, but only with the pen :)

It keeps getting stranger and scarier out there.

Strange is good imo.. lol :)

It works on mobile but it's dashed hard to draw with a finger, that's my excuse :0)

Should be much easier than drawing with the mouse!

Ha, that's true. I forget that because I have a drawing pen wacom thing for my pic!!

Is skynet going to start giving doodling lessons?

Never know how the beginnings of something like skynet would start from.. perhaps doodles ;)

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