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There is little doubt the Internet changed the world. Almost 30 years after the introduction of the World Wide Web, still see almost 40% of the planet without Internet service.

That will change over the next 5-7 years.

As it stands now, the Internet comes plagued with many problems. It is, overall, rather insecure. Cybersecruity is an enormous business, something that is moderately successful. Hacks and data breaches are regular occurrances.

It is also a mecca for surveillance. Everything that is done online is monitored by someone.



That will all change with the introduction of the quantum Internet. This will apply the properties of quantum mechanics, an imprecise science that is still being researched.

A quantum Internet will eliminate any security issues. So far, there are a handful of instances where quantum transactions took place.

Along with most other things in technology, there is a major race taking place. Not only are companies vying for the first and most powerful quantum computer, countries are researching establishing a new Internet based upon the same principles.

China is the obvious competitor for the United States. This is something that it has to watch out for. While the U.S. budgets a couple hundred billions to this, it still trails the Chinese.

Money is not the only barometer to determine who will win of course. However, money is necessary to conduct the basic research.

It is thought that quantum most resembles the way the universe operates. Having quantum computers will enable humanity to solve problems that are presently out of reach with classical computing. A quantum Internet can take our communication to a level that is unmatched right now.

This is one of those projects that is likely more than a decade before we see any major progress.


However theirs a country hold the world wealth is philippines setting up by late president Ferdinand Marcos philippines or ophir who save the whole world let's observe coming years

According to experts within the field, as researchers begin to increase the effictive number of qbits used in computations, encryption schemes used in classical computing with be rendered utterly useless. This means that it will be a trival matter to break even the most hardened of systems. Future security will involve quantum entangelment and coherence solutions.

It's a far cry for now

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