What is the Deep Web?

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 Internet is not just what you see. It is also what you do not see. There is a great amount of information that does not appear in the usual search engines and that is usually hidden from the public. It is called Deep Web. And it has a lot of useful information, yes. But also dangers to be avoided at all costs.

The Deep Web forms all those pages that search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. are not able to index. This is possible since many pages or documents are designed so that they remain hidden to those search engines. Its because the people who create these websites do not want them to be popular or simple to find. Many of these pages, directly, require a password to be viewed.

The Deep Web is not small. Quite the opposite. In the year 2000, the Deep Web represented 45 times more information than the superficial web, although today that figure has varied ostensibly by the growth of phenomena such as social networks, blogs ... and Google itself. Today the most famous search engine in the world is a giant that brings out much more material than it did in 2000, so those figures are very outdated, but in any case, it is true that the Deep Web continues to be a huge area of the Internet that remains hidden. 

But ... what's in the Deep Web? What can be found there and why its creators do not want everyone to see that information? A large part of the information that the Deep Web stores are databases whose creators want to keep out of search engines. Another important part is information from organizations that store a lot of information, such as NASA. You can also find plenty of meteorological, economic, etc. data. Another type of information that is hosted on the Deep Web is confidential information type such as Wikileaks. And, also you have to keep in mind another of the characteristics of the Deep Web, there is also information about criminal activities: selling drugs, pornography, pedophilia, selling and manufacturing weapons, etc. Such information constitutes a serious danger for a minor. 

Fortunately, It is not normal for a minor to access the Deep Web, since you have to configure the computer to be able to dive through this hidden part of the internet. Remember that all the material on the Deep Web is not accessible in an ordinary way, so you have to access it through a proxy server. The most common way to surf through the Deep Web is through the Tor network. It is a network that allows you to establish anonymous connections and access that type of information without leaving a trace.

To move through the Deep Web is necessary to have more advanced computer skills than usual, so there is no danger of a small child accessing it. But it can arouse the curiosity of teenagers who want to enter the world of the Deep Web. In this case, it is very important to talk to them and warn them of the dangers that can be found in these hidden webs. It is likely that a teenager who wants to enter the Deep Web will not announce it to their parents or teachers, but if they are accustomed to make responsible use of ICT, they will be safer if they ever want to dive through this hidden part of Internet.

In this sense, education and awareness about the possibilities and risks of the internet is fundamental. And it's no use, when necessary, to talk to them about the Deep Web. Like everything, the Deep Web can be useful in many cases, since there is a lot of interesting information impossible to find in the usual web, but before entering this hidden web, it is necessary that the adolescent knows the red lines that never must cross and how to act when faced with situations of risk.

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