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Hmmm that's interesting.

I once shortly tried out Airbnb, but quickly deleted my account after learning they want to know everything about me down to the color of my underwear.

I had signed up with an email address [email protected], i.e. with one of my own internet domains, and now I still receive updates from them, sent to the email address [email protected], which of course I can also receive. But most people sign up with more official email providers, so they don't notice this.

That not only shows that my account is not deleted, and merely has a delete flag, but also that they are very uneconomical with sending mails, contributing to polluting internet traffic, guilty of causing externalities.


(Image taken from — also good further reading.)


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My wife put my e-mail on the ordering of an apartment i Reykjavik - I never confirmed, but got follow-up mails. I am sick and tired of all this commercial stalking!

I have used Airbnb several times though. I find silly to worry so much about how much "they know" about you. They might as well know everything, with such a huge database there is no way they would especially look out for you. The state, for instance, knows everything about you. Unless you accept to get promotion emails (which you can easily switch off) there isn't much they can do with your information.

omg, you must be new here on this planet.

or you're trolling.

Thank you for the information

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