Save the Internet

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Net Neutrality is threatened by the FCC, and the internet as we know it may change forever.
Net Neutrality requires to give everyone equal access to everything on the internet. That means that Verizon, Spectrum, Charter, AT&T, Comcast, and so on can’t charge you for using specific websites. What they want to do is what you see here, The FCC is moving to end Net Neutrality right now, and will give big cable companies the ability to charge you for using email, video packages, banking, listening to music, Spotify, Discord and Skype, or make you pay $5 for news packages. They want to make fast lanes, and slow lanes, depending on what packages you’ve paid for or haven’t paid for.

They can also charge you $5 or $10 a month, or whatever price they want, for you to even use Youtube This also implies that these companies will have to barter to Verizon or AT&T and that will drive up their own prices - BUT also smaller sites and small companies will have no chance to grow, and will be at the mercy of these ISPs not making their site go down to a crawl. This isn’t just about prices going up though, if someone makes a website exposing these companies or their affiliates of crimes or goes against their agenda, they can just block that site from you even accessing it. Whatever site they think you should be able to see or not see, they can change that in the near future.

Once these things are decided shit falls apart, and could take years to reverse
This means that human beings are not free anywhere. The internet was the only place where we could express ourselves without any restraints but now everything has changed

This will shatter innovation, artists, start up companies, and give even more monopolies to the top 1%, and basically create a shitty internet experience. Help save the internet.

Let the Congress know that you will not vote for them if this continues

Save the internet before it is too late.

Please resteem this post and spread awareness


The people latching on to this movement against the ending of net neutrality have been brainwashed, and in reality, have it all wrong. The reason for this is that the flood of new censorship on the internet doesn't come from the internet service providers. It comes from the monopolizing content providers and social media sites such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and the list goes on. Net neutrality does NOTHING to stop these entities from choosing what you DO see on the internet, or what you DO NOT see on the internet.

Net neutrality needs to be killed, and the free market should determine the course of the future of the internet. Do people not yet realize that everything that the government gets its tentacles in turns to shit? Let the free market sort it out, and scrap net neutrality! If you support net neutrality, then they have fooled you into condoning censorship by the big social media outlets.

Politicians are moral and benevolent. They are loving and kind. They only want the best for me, thats why they promise to keep the internet free, it's because they care.

Those eeeeviiiil corporation only want my money! Its not like they provide anything of value in exchange. If corporations loved me like government does, they'd give me everything for free. They are greedy cause they won't give me free shit. How dare they make things cheaper by making deals to susidize the costs from other companies. How dare they offer limited options that are cheaper, those fucking couponers. They are only using price discrimination and making things cheaper to attract poorer customers, so they can take their money too!!!


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