Mesh Networking to Enable Internet Access for Low-Income Areas

in #internet3 years ago


There are programs where school buses park in low-income communities to give families WiFi.

I like the idea but the ranges for the school buses don't seem very good. Kids would likely have to be on the bus or huddled right outside it.

We should lean more into mobile mesh networking. Give internet access to everyone nearby through our phone WiFi & Bluetooth signals. Any messages are relayed over each other's phones until it reaches the recipient. Every new user expands the reach of the total network. And because people are always moving, it could bring internet to new areas not usually covered.

Of course, there would need to be some encryption capabilities for privacy. And until a critical mass is reached, I'm sure it would be very spotty.

Any apps on the market like this? I liked Firechat but the app seems abandoned. Lagatos is another good one.


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