Social Media Alternatives: with Bill Ottman

in internet •  10 months ago

Continuing The Corbett Report's exploration of alternative social media platforms, today James talks to Bill Ottman about

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Great stuff James! Always ahead of the curve! I'm here on steemit because of you!!! Thank you!


Same here. Thanks for the tip James!

Great to watch this video, and i really liked how you called the traditional social networking platforms as, "Matrix Control". And in this context, we need more decentralised platforms where the true essence of expression can be developed and this inturn can connect people with increase in peaceful aspect. It's great that you interviewed the founder of MINDS because i also heard about this platform but never tried to understand the core. Now, after watching it, i will definitely want to give it a try. Keep up this, awareness spreading, informative and mind opening work. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I have been thinking about checking out minds for a while...

lorbett is always trustworthy and polite

Corbett is always trustworthy and polite

At the moment, I am pleased with Steemit. I also like as a writer. I never liked Twitter. I tried out and did not like the setup. I will check out . Thank you for the research and leg work finding alternative platforms.

One of the great Wits of the Web from northwestern North America and Western Japan!

I had considered joining a while back as well. Though I am not necessarily a social media person (I am neither on f-book, Twitter nor youtube) I do follow James for quite a while basically through his website/podcasts.
My concern is simply that we cannot complain about the divide and conquer strategy of the powers that shouldn't be through their social media platforms and then hooray the alternatives that in the end follow the same narrative, namely keep the people in anonymity. We should get the people to go out and meet in person and talk to each other, interact with each other.
By saying all this and being an expat in China, I do understand the advantages of social media platforms. But I find it important to stress that, as always, a good balance between online and offline life is what everybody should strive for.

Oh yeah I’m on that one too . Twitter , Facebook , and YouTube can kiss my ass 😘

Corbett is always trustworthy and polite

lCorbett is always trustworthy and polite

It's great to see has created a better rewards/credit system; we don't need social media clones, and local currency & reward systems are a great step forward.