But they knew. Both of them admit they knew what they were doing, that they were destroying society and creating a monster - I don't find it all that impressive when such interviews pop up (as the ones from the former Facebook bosses) because they're like a post-mortem. They already fucked up and were sorry when they could no longer work it...

Anyway, that's not the point. This is something I've been thinking about a lot - this bad mood caused by this constant being online, so this video came at a perfect time. The trouble is, I'd love to believe it's true and that we're slowly dropping such idiotic platforms like Instagram and Facebook, but addiction usually feeds addiction, you know? I feel bad for doing this, yes, but I am tempted to do it more because as the video pointed out, it's a short-lived release of dopamine, thus a feel-good moment for me, which temporarily takes away from that bad feeling. How could I drop it if it makes me feel good when I so desperately need to, you know?

I have this fear that we're caught in a neverending circle here....Anyway, this is a great video. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed watching it.

Pretty much agree with everything you said @honeydue.

Have you heard that Twitter is seriously thinking of eliminating the 'like' button and the followers count? Might be a good step.

I had no idea. But what will all the vain, self-doubting babies do then? :O

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