Are i18n frameworks the new todo apps⁉️⁉️

Following #i18n on twitter for a few weeks now I saw a steady stream of new i18n frameworks rising. Out of curiosity I took the time to make a quick lookup:

Over 300 packages found.

There are more i18n frameworks than todo app samples out there. Why on earth everyone is basically reinventing the wheel? Are i18n frameworks the new great thing — looking at the amount of stars getting over at github I guess no.

  • So where does the motivation come to write your own i18n framework and even publish that on npm?
  • Why write your own — why not contribute to an existing?
  • Why every UI framework needs it’s own i18n implementation — why do I have to relearn localization on every framework?
  • Why call your i18n framework ‘simple-i18n’, ‘easy-i18n’, ‘yetanother-i18n’ or ‘wrappedAnotherI18nFramework-i18n’?

I see some semi-valid reasons:

So the incomplete list ends with (in alphabetical order):

Would be awesome if some creators of those i18n frameworks would share some insights on the motivation to add a new framework to the endless list.

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