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Hello, friends! Its your anjali reddy

We came to know about several mysteries and unknown facts across the world.Along with them, many secrets of various countries are showcasing their specifications...Concealing those secrets which are known only to them...In this post

 I am going to show you the interesting facts about top 5 world's secrets which attract the world


No. 1: Nuclear Secrets of the United States

This is all about Nuclear information of America.This is said to be the most mysterious and hidden information which is highly secured in the world.There is only a certain category of people, who know exactly, where the nuclear facilities of America are located and no other in the world know that.Because there are specific nuclear launch codes which have been secured secretly by the American government.Only the top officials of that department will have the access this codes.Even American population does not know anything about the amount and types of nuclear weapons that they possess.If anyone tries to access or leak out the nuclear information breaking the rules...They will be sentenced to death.The main reason why America which is the country with the most powerful nuclear power is taking such a great care is...Even though the American government said that it is to protect themselves from the enemy countries...The fact is... America is threatening the other countries with enormous nuclear power.


No. 2: The Hapsburg Napkin Fold

We might have seen many secrets about a country but...This secret looks very strange.Nobody believes that the secret of a country lies in the folding a napkin.But it is true.One of the top world’s secrets and the main secret in Austria is folding the Hapsburg Napkin it seems.Here folding the Hapsburg Napkin is a big secret.This is considered as the royal act.This special folding is mainly used for setting of the royal tables in the Austria-Hungary royalty.Many people tried to repeat this folding many times but always failed.And they were unable to make it done.And there is no document where it is written how to fold a napkin into the shape.Only few government employees know how to fold a piece of napkin in this shape.While knowing this secret, they make a promise that they will never leak this secret out.But what is the reason behind the napkin secret of a country government...Although there are some rumours that it is only to keep the traditions and cultures of that country secure...The truth hidden in that is not yet revealed.

No. 3: US Medical Secret

America is the country which keeps their medical treatments as a secret.They keep any medical information of every patient as a secret.But there is a law that any doctor should risk his or her own life in order to keep medical reports as a secret if necessary sometimes.Any medical specialist and doctors must take an oath by promising not to reveal patients’ information... called the Hippocratic Oath.With this, they take care that nobody has access to their medical treatment methods...And they follow this security system with the intention to improve their presence it seems.So personal medical information and medical reports are accessed only by authorized personnel.Only they have the special legal permission to access American medical information.The US healthcare is said to be the most top secret in the world.

No. 4: The Recipe of KFC

Whenever you eat in KFC...Are you searching with great interest to know how they prepare their recipe?Then better if you stop the search and carry on with your work.Because KFC recipe secret is the top secret.Since the establishment of the company and until now...That secret remained unknown.In 1930, Harland Sanders found the KFC recipe for the first time in Kentucky.When it was served for the first time...As everyone who ate that recipe liked it very much...As hundreds of customers formed a queue at his restaurant..His business had a tremendous growth.With that, he started KFC branches across the world.It is known that KFC became very famous across the world now.The main reason for such popularity is the recipe secret.This secret was hidden securely in the headquarters of KFC it seems.

No. 5: Coca Cola

Coca Cola is the drink with the most secret formula in the world.The making of this drink has been kept very secretly by the company.With the reason that it has harmful chemicals...When the situation occurred to ban this in India...It was forced to reveal the formula of their products by the government.In fact, few employees know the formula of Coca-Cola.Once only a couple of employees had access to the Coca-Cola formula.The remaining were appointed to guard that information...These couple employees had to take the oath by promising not to tell the secret of Coca-Cola to anyone.Once upon a time, even when few people turned against them to reveal the formula of Coca-Cola...With the intention that if they tell that to anyone, the information gets leaked and do rounds across the world...They refused to reveal the formula to anyone.

This is the information about top 5 world's most famous secrets.To know few more interesting facts...

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