You can not slow down a bullet with a magnetic field, but the attempt is cool

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When a magnet interacts with a piece of copper, copper produces a magnetic field opposite to that of the magnet. This induced magnetic field is what slows the fall of the magnet inside a copper pipe, for example.

Starting from that effect Ben, from NightHawkInLight, tries to answer the question of whether an induced magnetic field could stop or slow down a magnetic bullet. The "magnetic bullet" is important because in order for the effect to occur, the bullet must be magnetized or a magnet. In addition the bullet would have to pass between two pieces of copper or through a copper tube.

To prove it Ben builds a small pyrotechnic cannon that fires projectiles (a magnet, in this case) at speeds close to those of a low-velocity bullet. First it shoots the projectile through two plates of copper and in the final part of the video it shoots the projectile through a copper pipe.

In neither case the magnetic field induced in the copper by the magnet is powerful enough to slow down the bullet and much less to stop it (as intuited by the pendulum test), but to prove it to Ben serves as an excuse to build and shoot a mini-gun.

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