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The video Which is stronger: Glue or tape ?, by Elizabeth Cox, makes a quick review of the history of glue and adhesives that (to my surprise) seem to have been used for longer than I would have said: "The oldest known glue is more than 8,000 years old and was found in a cave near the Dead Sea."

The quick answer to the question of the title is that science can not respond to that answer.

It is known that in terms of absolute strength the glue wins, but there is no single glue that works for all circumstances. So the answer is rather "depends", because there are also cases in which the adhesive tape, although it does not become as strong as the glue, is the right option and has an advantage over the glue.

For example, the tape adheres almost instantaneously and is the best option for emergency repairs. And it's also almost the only option in space because liquid glues do not work in zero gravity.

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