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For a long time Mount Olympus on Mars held the highest mountain title we know in the solar system. Its height, measured with the laser altimeter of the Mars Global Surveyor, is 21,287.4 meters, just over 21 kilometers. But it turns out that the mountain in the middle of the huge Rheasilvia crater in the asteroid Vesta (the bulge seen in the upper part of the image above) has an estimated height of 22 kilometers, which places it, although it is not much, in the first place in the list of highest mountains in the solar system.

Yes, it is possible that if some day we can measure your height more accurately (for now we have done thanks to the camera images of the Dawn probe) it is not as high, as it happened with Eris, that in the moment of its discovery it seemed to be bigger than Pluto although in the end it turned out that it was not.

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