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I wanted to write about something which I may have written about before, but I believe it's of outmost importance for your Steem blog/page. Especially if you are someone with an already existing fanbase on another platform.

There have been many that I have noticed who join Steem with the hopes to post content here and be rewarded similar to the way they are rewarded on other platforms. The difference is that there you get rewarded from adrevenue, here things work quite differently. Many of these content creators seem to lack interactivity on their posts which often can lead to less votes being given to those posts.

I know, I know, a lot of investors and curators have lately given up on curating and are delegating to bidbots, etc, for maximum profits, but there are still some around and hopefully with some changes around the corner they will be incentivized to curate once again.

What I would recommend any of these creators from other platforms that are having a hard time on Steem, though, is to market your Steem account on your existing social media platforms. This is not just selfish advice to raise the amount of users on the platform for my own gain through the value of Steem rising. You will benefit a lot through it by having more interactivity with your fanbase on Steem as well than just on the other platforms. The key differences here is that you yourself can reward your most loyal and good commenting fanbase and they can grow with you to support you in the future. It is not just ethics so that your posts don't look like graveyards with some rewards next to them, but it is beneficial for everyone.

One of the few reasons I've noticed flags in the post which have been about "disagreement of rewards" have been on posts they've felt have been overrewarded when no one was commenting on them or the author was not engaging with his audience at all.

I personally have some loyal followers who have been interacting and voting on my content/contributions for a long time and with their SP and prices increasing their stake and votes have become worth a lot more than they used to be and I appreciate their continued support a lot.

I don't want to dismiss the negative points on the platform right now such as spammers writing short comments and voting themselves up or those that barely have any SP but hoping for votes on copy-pasted comments. I know those can get very tiring to endure and have to read through but I've learned that flagging them every once in a while when you recognize the usernames or just ignoring them and rewarding good comments instead will show them that they won't gain anything by doing what they are doing right now and they might try better.

There are many who don't speak english at all and may not have bigger influencers in their own language they can hope for some rewards from, but I've learned that even if they try with google translate and you can tell they actually read the content instead of just copy-pasting random spam - a reward on their comment will go a long way. I believe that languages and communities around that will improve a lot once Hivemind is released.

Anyway, what I wanted to get out is that, if you have a big following elsewhere, make sure to let them know you are posting on Steem and invite them over. If you are able to, you could even offer them free accounts through or which will only cost you 0.1 Steem and some delegation which you can take back later. This way they won't have to wait for long to create an account through Steemit, at least until the next hardfork where account creation will hopefully be faster.

Just like it has for me, I believe it will definitely be worth it in the long run to have your loyal followers onto Steem with you!


That's a candid advice.

How does it feel to suck dick for 14 cents?

I'm sorry, but this is the most hilarious comment I've read today.

Hello @acidyo. I visit and comment on your blog again. Lately I do it more often because you are publishing things that I consider interesting for this and any community that is supported by the creation of decentralized and quality content [Steemit - Hive ]

Not all cases are lacking in commitment and creativity to create content; many authors spend enough time to prepare publications that are then undervalued; however, other less substantial publications or where less effort was made, receive juicy rewards because they are authors who belong to a preferential circle or are simply great investors who publish any topic and are supported by allied whales.

In any case, they are evolving platforms and are subject to changes to improve their functioning and increase their population. The most effective changes always come from within and have results outside, if the consumption of content is proportional to the recognition of the authors, those benefits will arrive by cause and effect with the speed it deserves.

In just looking at "the big picture," what is interesting about the Steem environment — and why I even became part of it in the first place — is that it builds on a social model the predates Facebook. Early blogging was about relationship building, rather than simply getting page views. Blogging (and content creation, in general) was far more interactive.

It was actually MySpace that shot that to bits... suddenly it all became a contest of "who has more FRIENDS," without actually offering much of anything to those "friends."

The problem with that model — even today — is that "numbers" do not really result in consumers, but "niche interests" do.

I watch this on twitter, for example. Someone with 50,000 dedicated followers in an interactive niche specialty often can get 10x (or more!) the retweets and interaction with their content, compared with someone who supposedly has millions of so-called "followers."

It's good advice you offer here... and certainly worth bringing up. Resteemed.

This makes perfect sense... thank you for sharing. is another great place for people to share all their original Cannabis Content.... don’t forget about


Very True. Twitter is a great place to promote your Steem blog. You can do the same with Facebook Groups. There are millions of great Creators hiding out there. Posting all their awesome original content every day and not knowing that they could earn a little crypto from their work that could help them buy food and other necessities during these days of Quarantine.

I've hooked up perfectly with this post, hopefully we can together build what would make sense, community rewarding community, not vote mafias and loathsome spamers.
Unmotivated, great content creators left, if we fail to learn that the reward goes beyond money and "the value" is in building the collaborative economy, which could very well save us from the debacle in which the crisis that we began to plunge can plunge us into. front facing.
Thanks... This post it's very good

from what i understood all these years on steemit, in order to have engagement in your posts you need to devote a lot, and i mean a lot of time. I am talking for the average person that is making a decent post.

When i was extremely active in here, in order to get 5-20 comments per posts i used to "invest" 1-3 hours making my own post and 2-4 hours reading and commenting other posts daily.

Also, a very big part is the curators that will see all of these posts as well as lady luck :P

That is true. You definitely need to put in the hours of work. Nothing is Free.

I read all. But things are quite subtle nowadays.

Your mention of non-english posters translating, as long as they are only translating from their language to english, the far better translator is: deepl

I do not know why they only translate to English, but maybe they felt that by concentrating on getting the full meaning of the translation, plus the idioms, is more important. I've tried it and it does give a better translation -though, I would not depend on it doing a fantastic job on poetry....that needs something more intuitive than anything we can do which does not include a human mind.

You get comments and votes because you have 300 thousand steem power not for any other reason. Your content is fucking garbage

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