IQ is not synonymous with intelligence

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Since we have been in school, the intelligence tests have been pursuing us. At first, you will be given a number with your IQ (Intellectual Coefficient) and the higher the number is, the smarter you are. Then came the personality tests which was as good as your horoscope, and the aptitude tests which would later end up making you being happy because your sensitivity to nature is something not to be missed.
With Einsten's IQ, he was unable to make a sum. For all those who had less than 90 in their IQ, don't worry because they have now invented another test to refine the different types of intelligence. If you're not clever in one thing, you'll have to be clever in another, won't you?

This study, published in the Neuron newspaper in 2012, proposes that intelligence is not composed of just one aspect but is made up of multiple and independent components.
These tests pay special attention to planning ability, reasoning, attention and working memory ability. The study collects all these data about the responses of individuals and compares them with the way the brain works, in order to know where that person stands out.

After the publication of the study, it became a revolution in networks and thousands of people took the test. However, the data was increased considerably and it was concluded that there are 3 main components of intelligence which are: short-term memory, reasoning and verbal capacity.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry, these skills can be exercised. For instance, if you want to improve your short-term memory you only have to play video games, according to Professor Owen.

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