What is the difference between being wise, intelligent, and clever?

in #intelligence3 years ago

Can you solve “1 + 1 = x”?

Mr. Intelligent: Sure, why not? It’s 2. Piece of cake. I have a hundred ways to prove it to you. Let me show you all of them. starts writing and drawing on the board

Mr. Clever: It’s 2. If you want to understand why, I’ll gladly bring you to my friend, Mr. Intelligent. He’ll prove it to you using a hundred ways.

Mr. Wise: He understands that he has no need to solve this question (according to his personal situation) and simply moves on.

An intelligent person utilizes his mental capacity to solve problems.

A clever person uses resources around him to solve problems.

A wise man picks the right problem according to his personal situation.

You can have a combination of these qualities.