A Fully Integrated Dating Platform With DatEat

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New standards for successful dating and finding the perfect second half thanks to the algorithms of the DatEat project

The population of our planet continues to grow actively, but the problem of loneliness is still aggravated. In conditions of a dynamic rhythm of life and many surrounding difficulties, it is extremely difficult to find true love. Many are forced to confine themselves to loneliness or start a relationship with the first person who meets at least the minimum requirements.

The authors of the DatEat project are sure that this situation should not be tolerated. Several years of careful study of this issue allowed us to determine the optimal strategies and algorithm for correcting the situation. In the era of globalization, classical means and methods for dating are not enough. Therefore, for the development of the industry, a functional platform will be prepared that will not only ensure the reliability of all questionnaires without forged profiles, but also maximum protection of personal data and an ideal comparability between lovers.

A key feature of the ambitious project is active development and confirmed scaling prospects. Having gained a base and effective solutions in the sphere of acquaintances, the project will be able to prepare promising opportunities for the development of other spheres of human activity.

Platform DatEat with the necessary resources and opportunities to achieve the stated goals

The project team brings together qualified specialists whose general experience in the dating industry has exceeded 50 years. The project introduces revolutionary opportunities into the beauty industry, providing progressive standards for validating and protecting personal data.

The developers are trying to satisfy the interests of millions of users who are experiencing characteristic problems in the industry. Including problems of hidden payments, theft and misuse of personal data, poor compatibility among users, numerous subscriptions and weak cybersecurity. To correct a similar situation, the progressive algorithm of the DatEat project is designed, based on the author's concept, which has proven development and scaling capabilities.

Successful work of the DatEat platform in the rapidly developing industry

The DatEat platform has the necessary resources to further develop the industry and help society. The project has become one of the most successful breakthroughs in the industry, the total volume of capitalization of which exceeds $ 5 billion. It is expected that by 2020, this figure will grow to 7 billion dollars.

Understanding and solving the existing problems of the dating industry

Today, the dating industry on the world market is among the rapidly developing, extensive and popular. But for the time being enough weak user experience is mainly due to two key circumstances.

First of all, it is necessary to take into account the availability of different fake accounts, the activity of scammers, the risk of data theft, the likelihood of misuse of information. Another important circumstance is the apparent weakness of the existing algorithms for finding the second half, the level of compatibility is still low.

To correct such problems, developers of the ambitious DatEat platform are striving to create a unique concept, providing perfect compatibility between users, helping them find their soul mate and true love.

The concept presented by the authors has all prospects for bringing the dating industry to a new level, including through the introduction of progressive opportunities for blockchain, smart contracts, with effective tools of artificial intelligence and its own search algorithm.

In the future, the project has confirmed prospects of reaching other areas of human activity, including entertainment, leisure, hotel, restaurant business, etc.

Main features and tasks of DTE internal tokens

The platform will use its internal DatEat (DTE) token, developed on the ERC20 standard with the guarantee of high speed and transaction security. Tokens will be used to purchase goods and services, exchange within the community and receive rewards for investors.

The funds raised through the sale of tokens will be used for the following tasks:

-40% - maintaining the functioning and further development of the platform.

-30% - the solution of the necessary marketing tasks.

-10% - compensation of operating expenses.

-10% - payments for the development team.

-5% - payment of financial and legal costs.

5% - remuneration for project advisers.

Website- Dateat.io
Bitcointalk thread- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4437388.msg39636077#msg39636077
Twitter- https://twitter.com/DatEatOfficial

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