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Intrepreneur just officially launched INT. Please note that the website is not live yet, but it will be, as soon as enough funds are raised. (1000 STEEM/ENG) However, you are now able to stake and be rewarded in INT.

Until the website is live, you will not see your rewards until it is time to claim them, which will be done in your wallet on

INT is a token launched on the smart contract platform. It is a consumable in-app token designed to integrate into daily use within the website. It's powered by Nitrous and distributed by Scotbot (services offered by This website serves as a way to promote entrepreneurial, informative, digitally authored content.

Token Offering.

There will be an initial airdrop of 300,000 INT for the holders of PAL tokens.
Token sales on
Distribution to participants via weekly quests. Ongoing until January 1st 2020
Ongoing proof-of-brain distribution powered by Scotbot (a python based voting bot that distributes rewards based on INT stake).

This will NOT be a mined token. There are only 10 Million INT within the total supply. is a custom website similar to where all rewards are displayed in INT.
The Intrepreneur team will have 500k INT staked to be used as a means of keeping unrelated content from being rewarded on the platform.
INT is redeemable for advertising in the Intrepreneur Discord and for post promotion on the website.
The INT token will also be the token that determines stake weight for voters using the proof-of-brain distribution.

Initial Distribution of INT.

There will be 930,000 tokens initially minted
1 million tokens are reserved for the Intrepreneur team accounts to manage the platform as they see fit.
300,000 existing moderators, team members, and curators
300,000 will go out in an airdrop to community members
the remaining 230,000 will be sold on the market for Steem and used to powerup the @intrepreneur account. The one million tokens reserved for the management of the platform may also be sold on the market as needed.

Token Launch Pricing

230,000 INT are available for sale at 1 STEEMP/INT on Steem-Engine

Team Rewards

300,000 INT will go to moderators. (Team Members)

Primary Account

One million INT will be reserved for the Intrepreneur team. These tokens will be staked and used for flagging unrelated content and returning INT to the reward pool. The team reserves the right to sell a portion or all of these funds at a future point as the need arises.


Intrepreneur will provide an airdrop of 300,000 INT to a maximum of 16,000 accounts.

Ongoing Distribution


All financial systems relying on currency requires faucets for the currency as well as sinks. A faucet is how the currency enters the system. A sink is how it is removed from the system. INT's primary inflation will come 90% from Proof-of-Brain voting and content creation. 10% of the inflation will be directed to ongoing moderation and management of the platform and be divided among team members.

Overall Inflation of INT will have an initial target inflation of 10% and decline every year by 1% until it reaches 4% and it will stay at 4% inflation from that point forward.

Initial INT 930,000
Initial annual inflation 93,026.5
Distribution: 93026.5 Tokens annually
PoMod: 10% goes to @int-finance
PoB: 90%

Proof of Brain Rewards voting for author and curation efforts on the platform.

Proof of Moderation Similar to how the Steem blockchain provides 10% of the inflation to witnesses; 10% of annual inflation goes to the Intrepreneur team for administrative tasks and management and to cover network expenses.

Token Redemption (sinks)

Tokens can initially be redeemed for 1 of three things: upvotes, advertisement, and customizations.

Ads Banner advertisement opportunies will exist on the platform.

Post Promotion Users can promote posts on the site using INT.

Discord Customizations A large part of the Steem experience is interacting with a social group. There are a variety of Discord roles that are available for fine tuning your social experience. After the initial token offering, we'll organize a variety of roles to be applied onto users depending on the amount of INT they have staked, steem they have delegated, interaction they've gained, and other ways as makes sense.

INT Settings

7 day payout windows
unstaking occurs in 84 days in 12 installments

Scotbot Settings

Here's the list of initial settings.


The INT token provides no income or profit sharing from any account that Intrepreneur manages.

Intrepreneur is offering the token on an "as is" basis and provides no guarantee that additional work or effort will be made other than supporting the existing community with the existing tools.

While it is possible, especially while testing the accurate price of the INT token that prices may fluctuate in the market, Intrepreneur makes no claim that the token prices will rise in the future beyond the initial lauch (or the initial discounts) listed above.

We are not a business nor intend to be one.

Intrepreneur will put the raised Steem into Steem Power. The primary use of the Steem power is to ensure the long term existence of the network and pay server costs and administrative costs.

Special thanks to @aggroed, @clayboyn, and @holger80 for helping with the whitepaper.

Last updated @ 9:20PM Eastern Standard Time - July 14th, 2019.


Would it be fair to describe this as Steemit for entrepreneurs?

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Pretty much, yep.

I think there is room for niche sites backed by Steem. I'm actually betting on it! Keep up the good work.

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Uhh. Looking forward to the platform :D

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What kind of posts will this tribe accept?

Entrepreneurial related :)

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@intrepreneur, We are waiting for the future steps and updates. Good wishes from my side.

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airdrop received! staked most of it!

Not to sound rude but it's hard to take these token distributions and initial prices serious.

The team reserves the right to sell a portion or all of these funds at a future point as the need arises.

Yeah ok..

So who's behind this, who's on the team? Saw no mention of it in any of the posts. Steemians? New Steemians? Why should we trust this thus invest in it?

PS. your site doesn't load.

Yes, sorry there was no mention of those things in the post. The team has yet to be finalized, and the site is not yet up and running. will be running as soon as we raise the required 1000 ENG to pay for it.

Yes, without trust there can't be successful adoption here. And trust begins with stating openly who is behind the project. Avatars wouldn't be enough, of course.

Airdrop staked!

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Have read some comments here and there but finally it's here and it's live!

Have read some comments
Here and there but finally
It's here and it's live!

                 - mindtrap

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Getting closer and closer to being complete. This is definitely a big step though. :)

Seems really interesting, thank you for including me in the airdrop :)

Great! this is an oportunitie to reward daily activism, thank you for put it to our comunity.

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