Marjorie Taylor Greene Says No One Can Convince Her Jan 6th Rioters Weren’t Antifa

in #insurrection4 months ago (edited)

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US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga) went on Mike Lindell’s “Lindell TV” channel to describe how when she saw all those rioters in the Capitol Jan 6th, she thought “something is wrong here,” adding that “When it happened I thought this is Antifa, and no one can convince me that it was so-called Trump supporters.” Greene then implied that after Republicans gain control of Congress in November, they will begin an investigation of the January 6th Committee members themselves.

I’ll tell you what, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lindell TV - now there’s two names you can trust! That said, I think Rep. Greene may actually be onto something here, because nothing makes more sense than Democrats using Antifa to try to stop the certification of an election they won. So, they mobilized Antifa to attack the Capitol, in an effort to stop Biden and ensure Donald Trump would remain president for the next four years.

Put another way, “Let’s riot, because we’re mad as hell that our candidate won the election.” I’ll tell ya, nothing makes more sense than that, especially if you’re a regular meth user. Now, does that mean I believe all Trump supporters are meth users? Of course not! Why, that would leave out a whole, entire category of Trump MAGA cultists - the half-wits!

But never mind all that, because Greene tells us she just had a “feeling” those rioters were Antifa. Which sounds a bit strange, coming from a right-wing extremist who loves nothing more than ridiculing “libtards” for being tuned into their “feelings.” Meanwhile, Greene claims no one can “convince” her the rioters were Trump supporters. Well, the thing is, we don’t really need to “convince” her - we need to “convict” her.

Anyway, I am a bit confused, because Greene herself made numerous trips to the jail to visit those very same seditionists she now claims are Antifa, and always left claiming they were political prisoners held by the “Democrat Party Gazpacho,” and should be released immediately. I guess I must’ve missed the part where all of them have subsequently denounced Donald Trump - and confessed to being Antifa agents.

Now, what I don’t quite understand is, since Marjorie Taylor Greene was one of the first folks to ask Trump White House Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows for a Presidential pardon after the Jan 6th insurrection, why in the world would she ever need a pardon if the rioters were actually Antifa? Hey, wait a minute! You don’t think Marjorie Taylor Greene could actually be…Antifa?

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