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Every 30 seconds a car is stolen somewhere in the world. Car thieves claim that they can steal literally any car, only the time of breaking in and hotwiring may vary.

Anti-theft devices may fail to protect your car, and car theft insurance payment often comes out to be insufficient to cover your expenses when buying a new car. So it’s better to prevent your car from stealing, and here are 6 pieces of advice upon the matter.

✔️ Always cut the engine and lock the doors when leaving a car.
✔️ Don’t keep an extra key and car registration papers inside the car.
✔️ When inside, always enable door lock function, if you have one.
✔️ Pay attention to unusual situations: a false car alarm or a trouble with opening a car remotely.
✔️ Ask a friend to look after your car and move it from time to time, if you leave the city for a week or more.
✔️ Attend only well-known car service centers.

Keep in mind that all these tricks only lower the chances of your car being stolen. The best option to protect yourself is a SurruS car insurance. We are capable of finding the most of stolen cars. And for those cars we failed to find we pay the owner 100% of a vehicle’s market value.

SurruS pre-sale is going full steam, a 25% revenue is guaranteed for the first 300 ETH.

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