The Disservice Economy and its Bad Goods: Powering the Global Money Engine 6 (Part 2)

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Part 1:

So it is that we have yet in practice, along with a thousand, thousand other similar commercial abuses and right now, this Insurance company scam I am writing about here. It is an excess, and an abuse of power and it is so because there are no proper opposition groups able, and with sufficient political clout, to challenge the Insurers’ practices. The Insurers’ practices are outmoded; we now have electronic technology for use in collecting monies instantly across the globe anywhere; no sweat. But this olde worlde hangover, call it traditional and you’d be on the side of the insurers, continues hanging over us simply because no one, no groups, want to challenge it.

The reason no-one challenges it is because everyone who is someone approves of it; everyone who might change it for the better for most ordinary folk is happy with it as a moribund instrument being a lucrative private tax on consumers. As are so, so many of these abusive practices about which I am writing in this series.

I do not know, but I should guess, that the companies providing the loans and so collecting the (handsome and considerable) interest payments on this Insurance caper, these companies are in some way attached to, or associated with, the insurer companies themselves. It would not surprise me one bit, should they be discovered to be so. I suspect it is even likely.

Thus there is a loans industry built up around insurance provision here in Britain; and it is absorbing a large amount of effectually ‘dead money’; dead in that this loan industry provides nothing in goods and service towards the greater good. It is wholly a drain on the greater good. It is not effectual or useful in any way other than as a money income revenue generator to no public purpose; but only and solely to private and invidious gain. In short it’s useless except to line someone’s pocket as being an added and unnecessary level of charge.

I am pretty sure that had there been a will amongst anyone with power to effect political outcomes to be just and fair in this respect for Insurance cover; or else that had Thatcher failed, not lived, or even been a nice person, then it is likely someone or some group would by now have tackled and ended this scam; so that such a scam would no longer be prevalent nor even yet condoned to a point of approval by those who most benefit from its iniquity. But this is the state of play right now.

In general many, many, if not all, of these outrageous practices which I am attempting to illustrate and to show them to you for what they are, here in these articles of mine; that whole 100 plus of those amongst them which I gathered up from among their thousands; and of which I have documented so far only 6; all might easily be shown to be excesses and abuses being allowed to happen, excesses and abuses accepted and acceptable to the legislators for capital as lawful; and yet all being wholly detrimental and unjust, because the nations of USA and UK went through the 1980s with Regan and Thatcher holding hands in a marriage made in hell; which pair erroneously, and with great hubris, together and in part knowingly, set the groundworks in place in their time for an ideology for means of production which has messed up (the whole world) so badly since and continues to mess up right now. And it will surely get worse.

We are suffering a ‘locked-in syndrome’. We have come so far in the same path since the 1980s and Thatcher and Regan that to go forward to disaster seems to us to be less painful than for us to retreat and regroup seeking after another and a better fashion. Thus we actively lock ourselves in.

In addition our systems, our infrastructures, our means of exchange and our procedures for provision of goods and services to our peoples, even our minds very often, especially if under 40 years old, cannot think or else provide in any other way, no other way is known; so that all this baggage we are carrying is our own selves’ imposition of ‘locked-in syndrome’ upon ourselves, are impositions forced upon us by ourselves, and particularly forced upon us by our forefathers and mothers.

Until a balance is restored so that the means of production is again held in reasonable check by a general public acknowledgment of the primacy of value of those consumers who are being provided for by way of any means of production; until proper conduct and decent behaviour again play a salutary and saving role in everyday life and business; we as a nation, as a culture, as a western hemisphere; as a world; will be caught up in unnecessary sufferings; sufferings far more than we should have or than we might have had.

‘As ye sow; so shall ye reap’

Even the poor things in so many war torn and/or famine blighted places Africa and in Asia right now; these peoples, were our home abuses put right, would also I am certain find some relief and release from their own sorrows and pains far more so, and far more easily, than they are finding in their lives being provided today.

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