Intrusta Antivirus- Please Read Before Buying

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Hey my name is Britt and I just wanted to share my experience with Intrusta antivirus before you made a purchase. I've used a multitude of antivirus software before in the past from McAfee to Webroot and most were hit or miss. They would ether scan my computer and announce that everything is a virus or potential spyware infection or they would actually find a virus or two but would miss everything else.

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It was a frustrating experience and computers aren't cheap ya know? When I found Intrusta I was skeptical, and I imagine you must be if you have gone through a similar experience but don't be. Intrust antivirus has met and exceeded mine and others expectations when it comes to antivirus software. The things that I enjoy about Intrust antivirus software, is its easy to use, easy to install and it has a plan where it can be added to five different household devices ( laptop, desktops, cellphone, etc). So no waiting five hours for the software to install only to have to wait five more hours for it to update.

My installation honestly took less than 15 minutes if that and with a pretty intuitive and straightforward process. Also Intrusta is very easy to use. In the main interface you have all your options laid out out how you can root out that pesky spyware from your computer. Its honestly so simple I'm pretty sure a five year old could figure it out. Now just because I really like Instrusta antivirus doesn't mean I believe its perfect. Everything in life has a ying and a yang, and this wouldn't be a true review without addressing the cons. However even with these cons I think you will find that intrust antivirus software still comes out on top.

Click Here For Intrusta Antivirus

The thing others dislike and I somewhat dislike is that Intrusta only has three antivirus modes for scanning your computer. This can be a little frustrating if you want to be more precise in your virus killing search but if you are the sort that loves simplicity then this would be perfect for you. Sometimes less is more frankly. Also a lot of people don't like that they don't offer a free trial option like some other antivirus companies do. However intrust antivirus has a 30 day money back guarantee which means if your not happy you can simply get your money back. Despite these two things I still enjoy using Intrusta and if you wanna check it out just click the links above or below. Thanks


That is why I use Ubuntu instead of Microsoft and Apple.

yeah valid, Linux has always been a better OS in regards to avoid viruses and such. Windows, which is what I have is absolutely shitty.

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